Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dylan's 7th Birthday Party

The story before the story is that since there has been a lot going on in our household the past few months, I waited until early October to start thinking about Dylan's birthday party.  That messed everything up.  Way too many emails were sent out.  Plans were made, then changed, then made, then changed.  We finally booked the party room at a theater and planned to see "Free Birds" with just his cousins and a couple close friends.  Then, Wednesday evening I got a call that they were pulling the movie from the theater because it wasn't making enough money!  Thursday, (2 days before the party!), I called the only place I hadn't called yet, (because we had his party there LAST year).  Once again, we partied at Chuck E Cheese.  Not ideal, but I'm pretty sure Dylan still had a blast.
I am never happy with the birthday party photos, since the lighting is always horrible, but here's a few anyway...

The party was from 12:30-2:30 , so afterwards, since it was a pretty warm day, we went to the park.  I was taking photos of Dylan playing, and Jim was spinning Dylan around on the tire swing.  He would stand still and make Dylan and the tire swing spin around him, while I commented that it didn't look like a great idea.  Then Jim got the bright idea that I just HAD to do it, and take a shot of Dylan that way.  He was so emphatic about the idea, saying "that way he'll be in focus, but everything else will be blurry"!  I tried it, just to appease the poor man, but told him it wouldn't work with the lens I had, so he decided to try it with his cell phone.  And that brings us to perhaps my favorite part of the day...

(What's that?  I should have asked him if he was okay?  Well, I would have, but I was laughing too hard!  Hey, I did walk over to see if he was still moving!  He says what makes the video so funny is me laughing my @## off).

After that awesomeness, we went to Boston Market for dinner, and then headed home for Jim's favorite part of the day.  This was something he had been waiting for since he first found out he was having a boy - introducing him to Star Wars.  I was really nervous that after all the buildup to the event, that Dylan was going to be completely bored and ask us to turn it off halfway through the movie, but luckily that didn't happen.  Although he asked a billion questions the entire way through the movie (at least I was told - I fell asleep half way through), he seemed to really enjoy it, and asked to see The Empire Strikes Back the next day.  He keeps calling Darth Vador, "Dark Vador", but Jim is taking great pride in explaining it all.  We had to go get 2 light sabers (one for each "boy"), with his birthday gift cards, so let's hope the force is with us all.


smalltownme said...

The video is priceless. So you are starting off the series correctly at episode IV? I like that.

Gena Kashak said...

That video is hilarious!

Sylvi loves Star Wars but my kids weren't too thrilled. I think Chris was disappointed.

Jen said...

smalltownme, Yep, we thought the first 3 would be too confusing. Good to see you!

Jen said...

Poor Chris! Dylan is all into it now. We'll see how long that lasts. I don't think he'll like the first 3, though.

Anonymous said...

You and I could bring down the house laughing I would say--I love a woman with a belly laugh.

Star Wars is a great obsession for boys--there are the books, the lego, the DK glossary of every Star Wars anything ever made and will keep him entertained for hours. I know what I am talking about.

Jen said...

Jenn, you always know what you're talking about! Since seeing the movie, we went out and got some lego sets, and just bought a Darth Vador mask.

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