Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Dylan's first day of school. The class is called "Together With Twos", so basically it is two year olds and their very anxious mommies in attendance. Dylan won't be two until November, but they made an exception because, well, they needed another kid! It is only Dylan and two little girls in the class.

What is it about first days of school that are so nerve wracking? I felt like I was back in high school, all nervous and disgusted with myself. I bought Dylan a new shirt to wear especially for today, but realized last night that I forgot to wash it. At 10:30 at night I realized that he didn't have a single pair of clean shorts. I ran down to pull his clothes out of the dryer, which were slightly wrinkled because they sat too long. Then I realized that I didn't have any clean clothes either. No time to do another load. I actually wore the same outfit I wore yesterday! Groan. How pathetic.

This morning, I did manage to get a shower and wash my hair, but I was having the kind of bad hair day that makes you think shaving your head is a better option than fixing it. I finally just threw a headband on, and after fighting with Dylan about him wearing his new shoes we were out the door. Then, back in the door for me to change from shorts into jeans because dang it, it was too cold!

When we arrived, Dylan marched right in ahead of me, to look the place over, investigating every area before giving it his stamp of approval. We met the teacher, who told us that she would always have a craft out, but that it was up to them if they chose to do it or just play for the first half hour. Knowing my son, my guess was that I wouldn't be putting any crafts up on our refrigerator anytime soon. Wrong - it was the first thing he did. Aside from a little confusion about what exactly you do with glue, no problems there.

Free play time went fine. The time I had been dreading since learning of the class came next - story time. Dylan LOVES books, and loves to be read to, but it has always been one on one, and he is always sitting in someone's lap reading. This time, he was supposed to sit on a carpet square and pay attention while the teacher read to everyone. Uh, yea, not so much. Instead, he shunned the carpet square, got up 3 or 4 times to choose his own book to look at, then left the area completely. When I took him back to the story area, where I tried to get him to sit on my lap, he became The Incredible Noodle Boy and slid right out of my lap, and grasp, before wiggling away to freedom.

By that time, story time was finished, and snack time was next. While the little girls sat nicely, listening to the grown ups make small talk and daintily chewing on their snacks, Dylan gobbled his pretzels and juice down like a human vacuum, before leaving the table to explore once again. The teacher called him "active". What she doesn't know is, that I taught in daycares and preschools, so I know all the codes. "Active" = whew, he's a handful, isn't he? You must be exhausted. Luckily, he charmed her by bringing her letter magnet after letter magnet, telling her what each letter was. So, he's "active", but he's also "smart".

Next it was outside play time. He plays pretty well with other kids, so that wasn't bad. There was a small incident, though, where he almost locked us all out of the building by pulling on the door that was propped open (with a brick! - "active", "smart", and "strong").

I have a handful of papers to read before the next class - the days of papers everywhere that you don't have time to read have begun early! I have his first craft ever up on the refrigerator. I have a week to buy new clothes, do laundry, and get a haircut. Or, I could always shave my head.


The Girls' Mommy said...

Oh, part of me wishes you lived here and could live my life and write about it for me! I LOVE how you write, I could see it all.

(He knows his letters? Dang. Katie's, what, like 2 months younger and we're still waiting for her to decide to talk...forget letters)

Jonny's Mommy said...

We have a school like that here, but I don't know if I should try it with Jonathan. Not too mention I'm not sure I can afford to do it.

He would be just like Dylan. I swear these two are twins from different mothers, they are so similar.

And "active"? Hmmmm, I've heard that before -- along with "handful" the handful thing came from my mother-in-law, along with some other choice words about him. Did I mention I don't ever talk to her...ever....I'm sure you've read that on my blog from time to time.

Anyhow, you sound so much like me too. Hang in there....Oh, and I agree with "the girls' mommy"... saying his letters? Jonathan looks at them and rolls his eyes. He either doesn't care or is saying: "Oh, please I've known those forever." We also can't get him to speak a lot, although he does say somethings. Like uh-uh.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Awww! He is getting so big!

Active. Ah, yes. I was the only parent on the first day of preschool that had to have a meeting with the teacher to discuss my kids' temperament. Seems sitting still for longer than 2 minutes at a time is not one of his strong suits. He is getting better, but I could tell by the pained look on the aide's face when I asked that it is not by much!

And the dressing and the primping for preschool! Who knew it started so young?!

JCK said...

What a GREAT day he had, Jen! And that sitting still for story time thing? Well, it comes MUCH later than 2 for active boys. No worries. It sounds like he's going to jump right in.

Kellan said...

Oh, it sounds like a great day and it sounds like he fits right in and will do well. Cute post about your sweet boy's first day of school - so sweet! Take care - Kellan

Burgh Baby said...

Don't shave your head; I just don't think that look will work for you. Sorry.

Sparx said...

Dylan knows his letters? OMG. I was about to commiserate because the spud just started nursery too but now I'm just in awe.