Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Grandfather's Hands

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It is my grandfather's 97th birthday today (Monday). We celebrated at his house this evening. As always, there was food and cake and a lot of laughter. Dylan helped him open his gifts, which always makes grandpa laugh. We talked, ate, and played a rowdy game with balloons. I gave my grandpa something I wrote, and it made him cry. This is it...

My Grandfather's Hands

As a kid, I used to love when my grandpa would take my hand. I loved the way my tiny hand felt in his big, rough one. As I got older, I would look at his hands, and think of all the things those hands had done. I pictured those hands working day after day alongside my great grandfather to build the home that he still lives in. I pictured those hands tending the big garden he grew in the backyard. I pictured them holding my mom and my aunt when they were kids, after his very long, tiring days at work.

Now, when I look at my grandpa's hands, I think of all the games that he played with me and my cousins - T-ball, Uno, Mr. Mouth, Ping Pong, and Chinese Checkers. I think of those hands so frequently reaching into his pocket for his handkerchief, to wipe his eyes, since he always laughs until he cries.

I think of the way in so many pictures I have of my grandparents, my grandpa's hand is resting lovingly on my grandma's shoulder - her protector. I think of the one and only time I saw my grandfather cry (before my grandma died). The doctor told him that he needed to go to the hospital, and he wiped away a few tears with those big, strong hands, telling her that he needed to stay and take care of my grandma.

My grandfather's hands tell a story, not only of all of these things, but of the man he was and continues to be. A man to admire. A man to respect. A man to love.

I love you, Grandpa. Happy 97th Birthday!



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a wonderful gift you gave him--I can't imagine any better gift.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

That is beautiful! And it will no doubt be treasured by your grandfather for the rest of his life.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is so beautiful. 97 years. That's amazing and so wonderful. I bet this meant more to him than anything else he received that day. Did he hug you and say, "Oh my Jenny?" Because I can just hear something like that being said by a man so sweet.

Feather said...

i love this post. i have a huge thing for hands. particularly my mother's. i have her hands and see hers everytime i look down. what a wonderful story you told today, my friend. well done.