Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Idlewild 2011

Yes, I know, it's been a while!  I've been wanting to post about our annual visit to Idlewild since August 11th.  I wanted to include some actual video in the "video", but since Jim is the only one who knows how to get the video from the camera onto the computer, that didn't happen.

This year's trip to Idlewild was bittersweet.  Last year, we spent the majority of the time in the "kiddie" portion, with Dylan riding the smaller rides by himself.  This year we didn't even go in that area.  I think he rode just about every "big kid" ride he was allowed on... twice.

When we got there, I explained my brilliant plan that we should go to the Jumpin' Jungle area FIRST this time, while everyone still had energy, instead of LAST, like we always end up doing, which every time in the past has resulted in time-outs.  No one was going for it.

Last year, Dylan went on ONE "big kid" ride - the Hot Air Balloons.  So, naturally, we went on those first this time.  But, then, he wanted to go on more "big kid" rides... and more... and more...  One sad part was when he was told, after waiting in a long line, that he wasn't big enough to ride the bumper cars.  Two little tears escaped one eye, before he regained his composure and put on a brave face.  Jim and I don't do well on rides that spin.  If the whole ride spins, that is usually okay, but if each individual car spins, that is usually NOT.  Dylan really wanted to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl, so my mom went on it with him!  That lady is amazing, I tell you!

He even went on the roller coaster, in spite of the long line.  My dad and Jim spent the whole time talking to each other, while I entertained Dylan (thanks guys!), but he did it!  Waiting in lines in the past was torturous and sometimes impossible, so this was a big change.  He still isn't "good" at it, but he can do it, so that is a big step.  My dad and I sat in front of Jim and Dylan on the roller coaster.  I looked back before it started and Dylan had a huge grin on his face.  I looked back half way through the ride and Dylan looked like, "Whoa!  Why did you let me go on this?!"  But, I looked back at the end of the ride, and the huge grin was back.  (Maybe he was just thrilled it was over?!)

After riding rides, we went to the water area.  This is the first year they had a wave pool, and Dylan's first experience with waves.  At first, he went way out in Jim's arms, but when the waves were crashing against him and all around him, he decided they were out WAY TOO FAR!  But once he was safely back in the shallow he loved it, and didn't want to get out, in spite of the fact that he was shivering and his lips were purple.

Last year, Dylan would NOT go on any of the water slides.  No way, no how.  This year, I figured that since he has (mostly) gotten over his fear of getting his face wet, that it would be fine.  We walked over to the water slides, and Jim tried to get him to go on the smallest one, while I waited to take a picture.  And waited... and waited... and waited.  Finally, I went over and said, "Dylan, I know you're scared, but sometimes you just have to try things that are scary, and you might find out you like them.  So, which one do you want to do, the red one or the orange one?"  "The red one, OR the orange one?!", he whined, looking at me like I was just the meanest mommy ever.  "Yes, which one?"  "Oh, all right!  The orange one, I guess", he sighed pitifully.  But, guess what?  After that first time on the orange one?  He did it again, and again, and again, and then the red one several times!  I was so proud, I had to refrain from shouting, "THAT'S MY KID!" and laying an egg.

Do you want to guess what area we went to LAST, when we were tired and hungry, since it was close to dinnertime?  Yep - Jumpin' Jungle.  Those of you who've been here a while might remember the time I had to physically drag Dylan out of the balls, which resulted in time-out?  Well, this time Dylan almost had to physically drag ME out of the balls, simply because I could not get my 39 year old body out of there!  I felt like I was in a big bin of quick sand!  ABORT!  ABORT!  We actually made it the whole way through Jumpin' Jungle with no time-outs this year!  However, if my parents and Jim make me wait until 8pm to eat dinner next year, after a long day at Idlewild, I'm putting all of them in time-out in Jumpin' Jungle.  I'll make them do their time in the ball pit of quick sand.


blue china studio said...

That sounds so fun! And Dylan is growing up if he can go on the big kid rides now. And if I had to wait until 8 to eat dinner I probably would have had a tantrum and put into time out. :-)

Brooke said...

Oh gosh! That sounds exhausting! But FUN. What a big guy. Isn't it fun when they finally start branching out a bit? Or not, in the case if the spinny rides. Dave and I were thrilled that this year the boys started going together.....yahoooooo!

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