Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Past Month in Pictures

I think I am in blog withdrawal!  I miss this place!  To get caught up, here are the photos from the last month...

I was sick of standing in the grocery store, trying to decide what kind of apples to buy, so we had a taste test.  The three apples we tested were Gala, Fuji, and Braeburn.  I had a sticky note with the names on the bottoms of the plates, so we would know which we picked as our favorite.

Dylan chose Braeburn.  Jim and I liked Fuji.

I reached a new low, when I completely forgot to take Dylan to his first "All Sports" class, and my absent minded husband had to do this to remind me of the next one.  I found this when I got in the car that morning.

While going through more papers to put in my new file cabinets, I found some photos of when Dylan was getting physical therapy for the torticollis.  Can you say "OUCH"?!  Actually this one hurt the most...

Yep, that's him, crying and reaching for me to make it stop.  Not fun.

We went sled riding/tubing.  My guys are so cute!


This was when we ended up spinning around, and flying down the hill backwards at top speed!

Not sure you can see it, but this is when I had to lay down to stop us from flying into the woods!

My favorite outtake from the Valentine cards!  I can't look at it without laughing.

Dylan had a "Beach Party" at school.  He said a certain girl looked the best.  When I asked why, he said "Her belly was showing"?!?  What?!

We celebrated my Dad's 71st birthday with dinner at Olive Garden, then the Super Bowl at our house.

Coming soon... a post and video from the "All Sports" class!


blue china studio said...

Great pictures Jen. It looks like you had some really fun moments! And I'm glad you were able to stop before you hit the trees when sledding, oh my!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What great times.

The taste test is fantastic. Do you get Pink Lady apples there? They're my favorite--SB and I go through at least a dozen a week.

Elissa said...

well, hello there mr. mustache! i would TOTALLY be your valentine.

JCK said...

The pictures tell many stories. :) The torticollis -no fun. The snow looks wonderfully fun. Would love to go sledding for the day!

And, Dylan with the paper mustache is FABU! Too cute.