Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break 2013 : Great Wolf Lodge

We went to Great Wolf Lodge, in Sandusky, Ohio for Spring Break.  We had been to Kalahari water park for my 40th birthday, which is in the same area, but this time we wanted to try Great Wolf.  I'm so glad we did!  We had a great time.  These are the things I want to remember...

*Dylan singing his own made up song on the way there, called "I Love Today".  Me telling him I wished he would sing that song every day, because I loved it... the first few times.  After about the 20th time?  Not so much.

*It snowed on the way there.  At one point, I was complaining about how dark and cloudy it was, and Dylan said "Hey, at least it stopped snowing, right?"  Love his positive attitude!

*Dylan's huge smile when he first got in that water.

*The first day of the Magi Quest game, we did one "quest" and Dylan was ready to quit.  I insisted we do "at least one more".  After that second one, he was hooked!  He said that was the best part of his day, and the second day he insisted that we do every single quest, until he got the "Master Magi" button for completing them all.

*The looks on all the parents faces who were doing the quest!  We all started helping each other, just to finish.

*Dylan trying to help the little girl in front of him pull the first "lily pad" closer to her, and falling in the pool.  Him attempting to go across the first time, and Jim saying "I see him going in the pool" seconds before he did indeed fall in the pool.  He got right back on and finished, before trying a second time and mastering it.

*Dylan falling asleep within minutes of us pulling out of the parking lot to go home.

The day before the trip, my new camera (Canon D60) and new lens (50mm 1.4) came in.  I was too nervous to take the new camera, but I did use my new lens and I love it!  I'm still figuring it out, so the pictures aren't perfect.  In other related news, I'm taking "The Best Darn Beginner Class Ever" from Clickin' Moms this month.  I already had my first "a-ha!" moment, after only the first lesson!


Brooke said...

Love the photos! !!! Are you loving that new lens? ??

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That looks like a heckuva time!