Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Dylan on Your 7th Birthday

Dear Dylan,

Today you are seven!  I figure rather than be completely predictable and complain about how much bigger you are, and talk about how sad I am that you are growing up so fast, I will list all the ways you haven't changed at all.

1.  You still love to laugh, and you do it with gusto.  One of my favorite memories of this past year, is taking you to see "Despicable Me 2", and listening to you laugh louder than anyone else in the theater.  Your sense of humor is maturing, and you often "get" your dad and I's sarcasm and jokes we don't expect you laugh at.  At the same time, though, if I chase you around the house saying "I'm gonna get you", you still laugh and giggle like when you were a toddler.  There are few things I would rather do than make you laugh.

2.  You still love to go places and try new things.  You have a sense of adventure that I love.  Like always, when we asked you what you wanted for your birthday, you didn't really know.  You're much more interested in doing things than in having things.  Your favorite place to go lately is to an arcade - Chuck E Cheese, the arcade at the mall, FunFest, Dave & Busters -  an place you can play games.  Your dad has much more patience in this area than I do.  The noise makes me a little crazy, my dear.  You loved going to Great Wolf Lodge, and doing the Quest.  You also enjoyed the pool and water slides, which is a change.  You finally conquered your fear of going under the water this year, thanks to your swim instructor, Eden.  When you went off the diving board for the first time, I was pretty sure I was going to explode with pride!

3.  You continue to amaze us.  Everyone talks about your math skills, and you always choose to do your math homework first.  You are really becoming a great reader, although we still have a hard time getting you to read to us.  You still do NOT like doing homework!  Even though it is easy for you, you complain, and get very dramatic if you mess up, or feel like it is taking too long.  You seem to like your first grade teacher, and never complain about going to school, although we still don't get much information out of you about your day.

4.  You are still sweet.  One day when I stubbed my toe, you immediately ran to get ice for me, and then sat rubbing my back for a while.  My proudest moment of the soccer season was when you stopped to ask someone who fell if they were okay.  I've watched you around your friends and you are sweet to them too.  You laugh at their jokes, play what they want to play sometimes, and comfort them when they are sad.  You put a lot of time and thought into making cards for everyone.  You are very sweet to your neighbor friend, always coming inside to get the two of you snacks or drinks. 

5.  You still adore your dad and I.  You still give us drawings that say "I Love You Mom and Dad".  You still tell us you love us (all.the.time!), and give us hugs and kisses.  You promised me recently that even when you don't fit in my lap, you'll still snuggle with me.  Today, when I dropped off your birthday snack at your classroom, you came over to hug me in front of all your friends!  You like to spend time with friends, but you are still very happy to spend the day with your mom and dad.  Your dad and I are going to soak it up as much as we can, and I would love it if I can write the same thing in next year's birthday letter!

I love you my sweet boy and I am so proud of you!


Anonymous said...


I'll say it--he's gotten so big!

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