Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Favorite Posts Contest

Well, I have a gazillion(totally a word) other things I should be doing right now, but I heard
Barking Mad is having a contest to win a $250 Target gift card, so that's a NO BRAINER.
It does involve links and badges and technical crap that causes old people with feeble brains such as myself to mumble and hold their head in their hands, but again, $250 Target gift card!

I'm supposed to link to my favorite 5-10 posts. I'm doing 5 because I'm pretty sure the rest of you also have a gazillion things to do. I tried to pick some oldies, but goodies.

The Old Couple and The Leaves

A Book Review

A Phone Call With Spring

Super Soaker and The Stray

A Complaint Letter

*I should add that you don't need to do anything to "help me win" (Julia, you're the best!) I'm in the running just by participating.)


The Girls' Mommy said...

I LOVE A Phone Call With Spring! I was just thinking of it today, even before I read this. How do we help you win??

Jennifer H said...

Jen, these were great posts. I especially loved The Old Couple and the Leaves. Lovely. All of them.

Janet said...

I remember all of these, but the Old Couple and the Leaves is still my favorite. Thanks for reminding me!

JCK said...

All great posts, Jen!

Good luck with the contest.