Monday, May 11, 2009

A Proud Mom

Dear Dylan,

This weekend, Mi-Mi and Bubba watched you while your daddy and I went to Seven Springs to celebrate our seventh anniversary. We had a great time doing some things that we don't usually get to do when you're around, like talking over a long, scrumptious dinner, shopping, and sleeping in. We also got to do some things that we haven't done since you were born, like playing a game of mini-golf, bowling a game, playing some video games, and relaxing in a jacuzzi. Mostly, we just enjoyed talking and spending quality time together.

But, do you want to know what one of the most memorable moments was? When we were at the mall, looking at the merry-go-round, and your daddy said, "Are you missing Dylan?...I am". You are so much fun to be around, we can hardly stand to be away from you!

Speaking of fun, Mi-Mi and Bubba took you to the museum while we were gone. They told me that when you got in the car to go home, you announced, "I had fun"! They were sure I told you to say that, but I didn't. When you and I go somewhere, though, I always say "I had fun with you today! Did you have fun?" I love that you've picked up on that, Dylan! It is a great thing to show people appreciation, and let them know that you enjoy spending time with them.

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, we had more fun - at the zoo! Mi- Mi and Bubba, Mi-Maw and Pap-Pap, and your daddy and I, all enjoyed watching your reactions to the animals. The zoo was SO crowded, and you didn't get your regular nap, but you were such a good boy! You didn't complain about anything. (I've taken classes of preschoolers, who started complaining ten minutes into the zoo that they were tired, or hot, or hungry).

But, the most amazing part of the day was when we left. We were stuck in a traffic jam of cars, all trying to get out of the zoo at the same time. We sat in the car, barely moving, for an hour and a half! You didn't cry, or fuss, or whine! While listening to kids screaming in nearby cars, couples fighting, and your daddy and Pap-Pap discussing the logistics of the situation, you and I sang songs, played "I Spy", talked, giggled, and laughed. I enjoyed an hour and a half stuck in a traffic jam, because of you.

You have the amazing ability to make anything fun, and I LOVE that about you! On Mother's Day, and everyday, I am happy and proud to be your mom.

I Love You,


Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Awesome post and photos. What a blast, huh? He's so cute! Jonathan has started saying "It fun!" too. I can't believe that wait to get out of the zoo though. Just crazy. I want to take Jonathan to the zoo again this summer and I hope our wait isn't like that!

I love that shot of Jim because he has that smile my husband gets: "I don't want my photo taken, but fine, I'll let you."

Burgh Baby said...

How can a kid complain about the zoo? WOW. Good thing Dylan is a smart one and knows to appreciate a good time when he sees one.

The Girls' Mommy said...

What a cute shirt!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am a huge fan of the tired toddler sleeping on the shoulder shot--and that's a great one!

Karen said...

I think that was the sweetest thing I've ever read. You actually, seriously made me cry. You and your family are wonderful. I am so blessed for having you in my life. I love you.

JCK said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jen! So glad you got away for a bit and came back to something that much sweeter than when you had left!