Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idlewild 2010

Last Friday, Jim took the day off, so we could all go to Idlewild.  It has become a yearly tradition, a tradition that shows me just how fast my little boy is growing!  The first time we went was two summers ago, when Dylan was 1 1/2.

Last summer, at 2 1/2...

When I was making the video slide show for this year, Jim suggested the song "Wild Child", by Enya.  When I looked at my old Idlewild posts, I saw that I used that very song for last year's slideshow.  I guess some things HAVEN'T changed.  (I'm going with the same song this year, because I've had this post written for several days, but I just cannot find the time to get the perfect song, so I give up.  Plus, it has special meaning now.  One day Dylan kept yammering in the back seat "Please, play my favorite song!  The one that goes "JUH-JUH-JUH!  JUH!  JUH!  JUH!" "  I think he said "JUH!  JUH!  JUH!  a billion times before I finally (somehow?) figured out it was this song.  Just one of the many reasons I now have to dye the gray out of my hair).

Dylan is still awful at waiting in lines.  He is still so caught up in the excitement, that he has trouble staying with us.  The Jumpin' Jungle area is still the most exhausting area, and for some reason, the only area that results in TIME OUTS.  The ball pitt wasn't a problem this year - staying with us was the problem.  When he and Jim were going on the slide, Dylan disappeared.  For about five minutes, Jim and I were in a complete panic, until we realized that Dylan had gone up the stairs to the top of the slide... himself.

Another thing that didn't change is that Idlewild is still EXHAUSTING.  We hit the pool first (Dylan refuses to go on the water slides, because he hates water on his face), then the rides, then Jumpin' Jungle, then the circus show.  It didn't help that it was ridiculously hot and humid.

 One new thing?  Dylan went on his first "adult" ride.  (It is the hot air balloon ride in the video).  He loved it!  Jim and I... did not.  Nothing shows your age like spinning in a circle.  My brave husband even endured the Tilt A Whirl (spinning teacups) later.  You'll see him in the video, with his head down and eyes closed, focusing on not losing his lunch.

On the way to my parents, to drop them off, a road right near their house was closed.  That resulted in us driving WAY out of the way.  We had decided to eat at my parents, since Dylan had fallen asleep as soon as he hit the car, and waking him up before he got at least a small nap would have been self induced torture.  I was tired and I was hungry, and we were lost.  I went into shut down mode, staring out the window and not speaking, which amused my parents and Jim.  We finally got to my parents around 8:30, and ate dinner.  The next day, Jim and I felt more like we ran a marathon than just that we took our 3 1/2 year old to an amusement park.  We need to start training now, for next year.


Brooke G. said...

I loved the video - he looks so darn excited in all those photos!!! Yeah, I don't know if it comes with age, but both Dave and I are having a hard time with spinny rides. What is the deal with that???? I mean, even the tea cups!! Humiliating :D

Amber said...

So much to say. 1st, I love the photo comparisons. He looks so tiny in that first picture.

Next, going on all those "adult" water slides the other night when I went to the water park with my hubby confirmed my age. My head wouldn't stop spinning and they were just water slides!!

Finally, I shut down exactly like you do. When you talked about just staring out the window not speaking, I know that moment. My husband knows it too and knows that's when I can no longer speak or the tears will flow and I'll snap. Nice to know I'm not the only one!

The Girls' Mommy said...

I looked at the picture before I read the words and thought "Wow, he's shorter than I thought!"

I love the burlap sack slide pic. Did he really go on his own?? Looks like he loved it!

Shellie said...

He is getting so BIG! And handsome! Looks like a most awesome day.

Anonymous said...

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