Monday, November 1, 2010

Not A Treat

Saturday started with a trick.... or something.  My roots were growing it at a scary rate, so I was sporting a 3 toned hairdo (reddish, dark brown, and gray).  I didn't want to scare anyone on Halloween WITHOUT even wearing a costume, so I decided that morning to finally dye my hair.

I hadn't dyed my hair at home since I was a teenager.  I wanted to save money, but I was nervous.  What if it looked ridiculous?  I decided to throw caution to the wind.  Jim was playing with Dylan downstairs, and I told him what I was about to do.  Shortly after that, he heard me screaming.  "JIM!!!!!  HELP!!!!"  Jim and Dylan found me in the bathroom with gloves on, holding a bottle that had cracked open when I squeezed it, and red hair dye all over the bathroom.  Our WHITE bathroom.  Jim said he has been dyeing his hair for years and years, and he never had a bottle crack open like that.  Must be my brute strength.
(The good news is that my hair didn't turn out terrible.  It's darker than I expected, but good considering).

Trick or treating in these parts was 5-7pm, so we decided to let Dylan nap early (from 1-3).  We figured if he got a nap, he would be somewhat calm for trick or treating.  Um, not so much.  We met my parents at Eat N Park for an early dinner at 3:30, then rushed back to hurry Dylan into his costume at the last minute. One problem - you can't hurry Dylan.  Oh, and asking him to "stand still" is like asking the sun not to shine.  I didn't get a single good picture, because he just would not be still for even two seconds.  And, that was before he got any candy!  All the good pictures I got were taken the next day, when we forced him back into his costume.

After only 1/2 hour of trick or treating, he said he was tired and wanted to go home.  Bizarre, considering the fact that last year we had to drag him home after 2 solid hours.  It was NOT my favorite Halloween, I must say.  Jim and I were tired and frustrated.  But, then again, not getting much candy is probably a good thing all around.


Burgh Baby said...

Alexis decided she would rather watch football than trick-or-treat. She made it around half the neighborhood, but still. Kids are soooo weird.

Elissa said...

does it make you feel any better if i tell you this sounds like every day at my house? ;-)

glad the hair went okay... how did the bathroom clean up?

blue china studio said...

A broken dye bottle, now that is not a mess I would want to clean up! ugh

Kids can be so fickle about some things, my son never reacted how I thought he would to certain things. Like you said though, less candy the better (I guess, I do love candy). :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute is he as a cowboy?! And how hawt do you look Momma! Seriously! I hope the dye came out of the bathroom!

Mary said...

How'd your bathroom make out? Were you able to get the dye up? Ugh!

Loved your video! Dylan looked awesome!

And my kid totally gave up too. His little buddy kept on trick or treating but Thomas up and declared he was done and asked to go home. Strange!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Jonathan got into it about 45 minutes before he was ready to go home. And darn all that candy is still in our house!

I agree with did your walls turn out? Are they a little red now too? :-)

JCK said...

Yes, I'm curious about the white bathroom.

Your hair looks fab in the video!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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