Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Forget. What is Calgon? Because I Need It To Take Me Away.

I've been having a week.  What kind of week?  Well, let's see...

On Monday, (Valentine's Day), Dylan and I met a friend and her son for lunch, and
she told me she might be moving.  I don't have a lot of "lives near enough to see on a regular
basis" friends, so I find this completely unacceptable.

On Tuesday, I found out that there's a possibility that I broke my mom's toe. (She's seeing a doctor
today).  I was also asked, by my dad, to make a very last minute, stressful decision about going on a
vacation with them.  There are many factors involved I won't go into, but I will just say, "Got guilt?"

On Wednesday, I was working on something online, and became convinced that I am going
senile.  I really thought I was getting better with computers, but on Wednesday, I could not
figure out even the simplest thing.  When my dad brought Dylan back, (he was at their house for the
day), he asked if I gave him extra syrup with his waffle that morning.  Seems he was "a bit of a handful".

Last night, he was acting like he was possessed.  First he started singing in a very strange, scary voice.  Then, while "cleaning up" he threw a foam (thank goodness!) letter at Jim's face.  Time out.  Jim puts him to bed, and I felt bad, listening to the yelling and complete madness going on upstairs (not bad enough to go upstairs, though!)  When Jim came back down, he informed me, "That was THE WORST he has been in, oh, about FOUR YEARS!!".

He hasn't had a time out in months, but in the past 2 days?  Well, the count is now at 4.  The last one was right after lunch, when I was at the table, busy reading some papers he brought home from school, and he threw a small basketball right onto the table, resulting in flying food, papers, dishes, and a screaming lunatic mommy. (No, it wasn't an accident.  He wanted my attention).  His teacher at school confirmed that they've been having "some trouble getting him to listen to directions" lately.

I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm supposed to meet one of my favorite bloggy friends, Jenn, from Juggling Life, this weekend.  I hope, by that point, I don't look like this...

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Brooke said...

Oh gosh- I shouldn't laugh - but that clip art of the crazed lady in the straight jacket cracked me up!!! Hang in there... they all go through phases! My tactic is to be strong and firm and consistent. At least I try :D

JCK said...

Jen, meeting and spending time with Jenn will be like Calgon taking you away. She is so much fun and has loads of good advice for us moms with little ones.

I'm sorry that it was such a rough week. I have found that my son goes through rough, challenging patches in cycles. Hopefully Dylan will cycle out of this one soon.

Sending big hugs from a cyber friend. I may not be near you, but you always have a friend here.

Elissa said...

i'm sorry about your week. it sounds like most of mine. email me if you need to vent, because i'll totally get it.

as for sweet dylan.... i am ALL with JCK on this one. just stay on him and don't let him get away with it and remember he's a boy. then just wait for dr. Jekyll to come back. :-)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

calgon is bubble bath and yes, you need some. Maybe it is cabin fever?
Jonathan has been like this too, but I noticed I wasn't paying the amount of attention to him that I should have been so I refocused that a bit and it helped.

For now anyhow.....

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I am remembering how we called four "the fearsome fours." As in--we fear we will not let the child live until five.

For my money, four was the hardest age. They are so torn between being a toddler and a big kid that they do go a little crazy.

I'm pretty sure I've recommended it before, but if you haven't read "Raising your Spirited Child" you might want to have Amazon overnight you a copy. Also, my surefire way to calm Danger Boy down was a bath. Sometimes he took three a day.

See you soon!