Sunday, February 20, 2011

Six Hours?!

Did you ever spend six hours sitting in a restaurant, talking to a person that up until that point you had never met?  I never did... until today.  The plan was that I was going to meet Jenn from Juggling Life at Max & Erma's for lunch, at 12:00.  I figured we would leave there around 2:00, and go to a museum in Pittsburgh.  Not quite.

I think we momentarily broke from our gab fest, around 5:00.  We looked at our watches, and I was stunned it was that late.  But, even then, did we stop?  Nope.  Just kept gabbing for another hour!  If you don't have the privilege of knowing Jenn, she is from California, and is in the Pittsburgh area checking out colleges with her son.  She got here Thursday.  Friday, the Pittsburgh area had its hottest day since summer, with temperatures in the 60's.  Tonight, when I left poor Jenn, it looked like this...

Hopefully, she was still smiling like this when she finally made it back to her hotel!

I told Jenn that I couldn't remember the last time I spent more than a couple hours with a friend.  Most of my friends have young children, and can only get away for a couple hours at a time.  I was also saying that I hate it when I'm out with a friend, and she has to call home every five minutes to check on things.  We agreed that women should be able to trust their husbands to look after the kids for a couple hours.

So, I was laughing, when I came home to complete chaos!  Dylan was on the floor crying pitifully, like life was ending, and Jim was on the floor cleaning up a mess, and looking extremely annoyed.  He was muttering something about spilled milk and having had enough.  Dylan was muttering something about he wanted a treat, but Daddy said he was done.  Ahhhh, home sweet home!

Oh well, Mommy swooped in and calmed everyone down, and all is well once again.  Oh, and did I mention that I'm moving to California, so I can hang with Jenn all the time?  Yep!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yea, I can see how that's annoying Jenn).


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You totally cracked me up--and I needed the laugh.

I'm going to start sending you job postings and realty listings. Seriously!

I had a fantastic time. Thank Jim and Dylan for sharing you today.

JCK said...

So glad you two got to have this time together. I knew you'd connect! :)

Especially proud of you for losing track of time! :)