Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Of Preschool (again)

This week was Dylan's LAST first day of preschool (get that?).  Since he misses the cutoff for kindergarten, he's in the preschool enrichment class Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Since we were on vacation, we missed the "orientation meeting".  So, basically we had no clue what was going on the first day.  Also, I wasn't even sure what to call "the first day".  He had class on Wednesday, but only for 1 hour, and with only half of the class (the other half came for one hour earlier).  Plus, the parents stayed, so I'm not sure that really counts?  But, I decided it was the first day, and took the first day pictures that day, even though it was ridiculously cloudy and raining.  (Didn't matter - it looks the same today).

We went in the building, and went to what I THOUGHT was his classroom.  Ummm.... there were already a ton of kids in that room, seeming to be in the middle of class?!  The two teachers that I remembered meeting last year were in there?  According to the paper I received, we were 10 minutes early for class.  Huh?  We started walking around aimlessly, until we saw a group of parents and kids.  "Maybe these are his classmates?", I thought.  "No, this can't be right.  Look at how small they are".  We wandered around aimlessly some more.  I finally admitted stupidity/unpreparedness and asked someone.

Yep, it WAS the group of kids who were so small compared to Dylan.  The two teachers I had never seen before, so I'm not sure what happened there?  It was all a bit like those reoccurring dreams you have where you forget your locker combination and you're late to class.  You have those too, right?!

I succeeded in not laughing out loud when the first activity was for the kids to match the number on the bear they were given to the matching number on a coat.  Dylan got the number 3.  He's been counting, umm..., a bit higher than that for years.  But, then later, when he was doing a puzzle and another boy came over to help, and Dylan said, "I can do it myself!", I reminded myself that another year in preschool might not be such a bad thing.  Maybe he needs that year to work on his social skills.

Today was his first "real" day of class.  Other than the fact that we are still on vacation time and can't fathom the idea of getting up at 6:30 or 7:00, things went smoothly.  I stumbled groggily out of bed at 7:15 and realized with a shock that I would not have time to shower. ( I rock. Seriously).  Then I got a very sleepy boy out of bed, and started breakfast.  When he came down wearing a yellow/brown/white striped shirt, and tropical plaid patterned shorts, I had to intervene.  After fixing that, and eating breakfast, while writing out checks for tuition and a field trip, I realized he had show and tell today!

"Dylan!  You have show and tell today!  What's your favorite animal?!", I asked in a panic.
"A hippopotamus!", he answered with a smile.
"Of course it is".
Would you believe we found 3 Hippopotamus themed things in our house?  We made it there on time, too!  I rock... smelly, wild hair and all.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope he has a great year.

In our neighborhood two of the boys just started third grade and it's like they changed from little boys to big boys overnight.

Brooke said...

I almost died laughing at...."had an intervention!". Oh gosh, I need lots of those!! Glad you mad it on time! No one cares if you smell good!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Show and Tell on the first day?? They set the bar high.

He looked super cute!

Elissa said...

yes. i have those dreams... all. the. time.

and thanks for reminding me that ellie has show and tell today ;-)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Jonathan is also in PreK this year again. Three days a week too. He had one day last Wednesday. then our town flooded (below us) and there was seven feet of water in homes and school was canceled until yesterday. So, he's had two days of school so far and LOVES it. He's going to have a blast, I'm sure of it. Just like Dylan. They say boys usually need an extra year..mainly for the social skills part of it, not the academics. Obviously our little Dylan does not need anymore academic help! LOL!