Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Quick Step Back

I love starting a new year.  It is a time of fresh starts, new hope, and resolutions.  But, first, I need to post about a few things.

We took Dylan ice skating for the first time, two days before Christmas.  I took lessons as a kid, and went ice skating occasionally, but I hadn't gone in a really long time.  Jim said he had only gone one other time in his life.  We weren't sure how much help we could give!

Now I remember why I haven't been ice skating in a long time.  First off, it is cold.  I don't particularly enjoy being cold.  Secondly, it takes forever to get ready to ice skate.  FOREVER.

Then, you realize that you didn't wear socks that are thick enough, so you have to buy overpriced socks in the gift shop.  Then, you have to re-lace the butt ugly, made of super thin material ice skates, that will cause your ankles massive pain.  You will wonder how anyone wears ice skates and endures that kind of pain?  You will suck it up, because you brought your kid to enjoy ice skating after all, so enjoy it YOU WILL.  You will frequently remind yourself of this fact, as you skate around the rink, grimacing in pain, as you hold up your flailing five year old.  You will feel as if you are using muscles that didn't even exist before, and you will wonder why the hell you thought this was a brilliant idea.  You will wonder why your husband isn't grimacing in pain, and it will finally occur to you, after the three of you somehow make it around the rink four or five times, this could have something to do with the skates.  You will try on your husband's skates, (because, yes, you wear the same size, as *luck* would have it).  You will swear about the unfairness, and cruelty to women kind everywhere, as you realize that men's skates have WAY more padding and support than the women's skates.  You will then take off around the rink, like a graceful swan, until you decide that while you are no longer in pain, it is still cold, and your five year old has already given up on ice skating.  You will shrug your shoulders and exclaim, "Oh well!  At least we tried!"  You have several pictures that make it look like it was a big success, but you will tell everyone the truth because, well, that's just how you are.

Keep this lovely story in mind when I tell you about the next thing, okay?  I found this idea...

Want a closer look?  Keep in mind that I wrote down exactly what Dylan said.  I gave no input, until the last one.

(If you want to make one, go HERE).

You might notice that his favorite food is "Max & Erma's cookies"?  Did you also notice that his favorite memory from 2011 is when we got a Max & Erma's gift card in a Christmas card?!  I successfully refrained from yelling "THAT?!  THAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY FROM THIS YEAR?! WE SPENT ALL THAT MONEY ON A BEACH VACATION AND THAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY?!"  Then, I got to "Biggest Goal for 2012" and he said "Go to Max & Erma's" and then my head exploded.  Oh wait, I think my head exploded when I asked what he wants to learn in 2012 and he said "How to ice skate"!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I second him on Max & Erma's cookies!

Lindsay said...

Hi Jen, What a great idea for the New Year! I want to do that with my kids too. When I imagine myself ice skating I picture an Olympic Skater gliding around the ice...when in reality I inch around the rink praying I don't fall-ha!

blue china studio said...

I've never heard of Max & Erma's cookies. They must be pretty good though!

You never know what is going to make a lasting memory and what isn't. But from my experience it isn't usually what you expect.

AND I give you a gold metal for being a good sport with the ice skating!

Anonymous said...

I should ice skate more considering my parents own a pond that freezes over each year. I'm just not brave enough to try it!

Elissa said...

totally snickering over here, jen. gotta love kids. that's a cool idea though.... might have to tuck that away for next year. of course, that requires ME biting my tongue over THREE kids who will all give weird answers that will make me crazy. possibly this should be done with a glass of wine.

JCK said...

Jen, this is such a cool thing! What a great idea. You have to do them every year now. :) Even if just to see if his favorite thing is still Max & Erma's.

Brooke said...

I give you credit! I didn't even attempt to put skates on. I was just taking pics. That's it! He seems pretty hung up on max and ermas! Too funny!!!