Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer 2012

Dear Dylan,

I don't know if you will remember this summer when you are older, the summer of 2012, so let me tell you about it.

The summer of 2012 was one of the best summers of my life, and one I don't want to ever forget.

In the summer of 2012, you were five and I was 39/40.  You were old enough to be more independent, but still young enough to need your mommy.  You started to come downstairs and play when you woke up, instead of rushing into Daddy and I's room.

You and I went to Keystone Lake several times and those days were some of my favorites.  I loved listening to you laugh when we played "Whale and Fish" or "Shark and Fish".  When I was the shark or whale I would grab you in my arms and say "Well, say there fish!  I would like to invite you to my house for dinner.   Oh, did I mention that YOU'RE dinner?", and you would laugh and laugh and scream "NO!"  I loved watching you make "mushy gum" (a homemade concoction of sand/water/rocks).  I loved hearing you exclaim "Mom!  I did it!" when you successfully climbed the rock wall on the playground.

We also went to the community pool, where you took private swim lessons from "Aary".  Learning to swim is tough for you because you always have a big grin on your face and your mouth is going, so you end up swallowing water.   I don't know what all you said to Aary, but she was often laughing.  You love to talk, and will talk to pretty much anyone, young or old.  You still don't want to swim underwater, but you are able to swim a short distance without going under.

Your daddy and I took you to Idlewild, and we were amazed at the change in you from last year to this year.  Last year, I had to force you to go on one of the small water slides.  This year, you went on all the slides in the kids area.  At one point, I looked at your daddy and said "Look at us!  We're sitting on beach chairs... relaxing!"  You love the wave pool, and want to go out in the deep.

We also took you to Kennywood, where you rode the big roller coasters for the first time (The Racers and The Jackrabbit).

You started learning to ride a bike this summer.  I was so proud of you, because even though you were getting really frustrated, you just kept getting up and trying again.

You were really into sports of all kinds, and you loved watching the Olympics this summer.  We played many games of "Dylanball" (your own made up game).

You attended your first wedding, (Ann and Dustin's).  I'm pretty sure everyone knew who you were by the end of the night, since you were all over the dance floor.  You would grab the hands of ladies you didn't even know and force them to dance with you!

You learned to play chess.  You started taking showers.  You learned to hula hoop, and you and your friend next door would do it together.  You went to your first Steelers game with your daddy.

You start kindergarten tomorrow, and you seem excited about it.  You said you will enjoy "Recess, Gym, Math, and Lunch" the best, which is probably pretty accurate.  I hope you love it all, and make lots of new friends.  Last week one morning, you climbed into my bed and wanted to snuggle.  Even though we had a ton of things to do that day, I stayed in bed as long as possible, stroking your face, and making you laugh with silly stories, knowing I might not get the chance to do that again.  I will miss my little sidekick during the week, but I'm excited for this new stage in your life.  Make it great, my sweet boy!

Love you,


Brooke said...

Ohhhhh.... There's a frog in my throat! Loved this post!! He's quite a guy, that Dylan!! Good luck tomorrow!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It will be wonderful. He will be wonderful. a

Elissa said...

soo.... how did school go? Ellerie goes tomorrow and is flippin psyched! me too, to be honest ;-)

Janet said...

I've visiting from Jenn @ Juggling Life and wanted to say how much I love this idea!!! My boyfriend, Dave, and I watch his 4 yr old grandson every other weekend, and I think I might put together something like this for his Mom (Dave's daughter). Thanks for the inspiration!