Friday, November 9, 2012

The Lunch Notes

My mom used to pack my lunches for school.  Every day, she would pack a healthy lunch, and add a little note inside.  I'm not sure when she started doing it, or when she stopped doing it.  I don't even really remember what the notes said.  To my memory, I never commented on the notes, and I certainly never thanked her for them.  I bet she wondered sometimes, "Why am I even doing this?  She doesn't appreciate it.  She doesn't care".

Now, my little boy is going to kindergarten, and I am packing his lunches.  Yes, they are healthy, and yes, each lunch since the first day of school has had a little note inside.  There are days when I stand there for several minutes, trying to decide what to write,  thinking  "Why am I even doing this?  He doesn't appreciate it.  He doesn't care".

There are so many "little" things we do as parents that we might feel go unnoticed.  Pats on the back of encouragement, home cooked meals, bedtime rituals, countless car rides, birthday balloons, snuggling in bed on a Saturday morning, patiently answering question after question.  We don't often hear "Thank you".  We aren't always sure those "little" things are making an impact.

Sometimes, though, if we are lucky, we get a reminder.

Yesterday, my son wanted to play "school".  He said that I was going to go to school, but first he had to pack me a lunch.  When I saw my lunch, I knew...

All those "little" things?  They do matter.  A lot.

(Mom, thank you for the healthy lunches, the notes, and the countless other "little" ways you showed your love).


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So sweet.

Brooke said...

OMG...... that is the sweetest thing ever. SOB.