Monday, December 3, 2012

Time Warp Tuesday: 2008 Christmas Newsletter

It's Time Warp Tuesday!  I still cannot upload any photos to my blog, and I still have no solutions that take more than the 10 minutes or so that I have, so I'm cheating this week.  Still a blast from the past... just no photos!  We got our first Christmas card on December 1st this year!  Nuts.  Don't people know they are just making me look bad?!  Here is the letter we sent out back in 2008.

I am writing this letter, to send you Christmas cheer,
and to let you all know what we've been up to this year.

What can I say about the year 2008?
Well, it wasn't just good, it was really top rate.

In January, we took a family vacation.
We took a month long cruise to many exotic locations.

In February, Dylan wrote his first symphony.
He's become quite the little composer, you see.

In March, we won the lottery, and quit our jobs,
Why am I talking to you? We're now snobs.

In April, my first book hit the best seller list,
Then came the movie deal that was too hard to resist.

In May, Oprah called, begging to have Dylan on her show,
I explained he was booked, what with Couric and Leno.

In June, we moved into our giant abode,
With a chef, a pool boy, and a marble commode.

In July, I started my own clothing line,
I call it "Your Arms Simply Can't Be Longer Than Mine".

In August, Armani sent Dylan his own suit,
On the red carpet, girls asked for his digits, and screamed "CUTE!!"

In September, I told Letterman that he is a fool,
That his jokes suck, and his interview questions aren't cool.

In October, Jim's invention hit all the best stores,
Luckily, no one was trampled, when crowds broke down the doors.

In November, he bought himself a Lamborghini, his dream car,
No one else is allowed to drive it, but we can look from afar.

In December, we bought ourselves a really big boat.
You realize I didn't write this letter to gloat.

I simply wanted to let you know what was new.
This wasn't intended to make you feel blue.

Okay, so none of it's true, as I'm sure you could guess,
But, what's Christmas, without a little holiday B.S.?


Janet said...

LMAO! That's great!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

You are too funny!

I might have to go back and find our old Christmas newsletters and post them, too. Most of them have my husband's sense of humor shining through, sharing the good and the bad of each year.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMG all that and a big boat for Christmas TOO?

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