Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nineteen Months is a Great Age

Dear Dylan,

How did you get to be 19 months already? When did that happen? Sometimes I wish you would stop growing up so fast, but I must say, I am loving you at 19 months! You are so much fun!

Here are some of the things you are doing this month...

You are saying more words. You seem to add one every day. You say some of your colors, "Bwoo"(Blue), "Geen"(Green), "Yewo"(Yellow), "Pur-ple", and "Back" (Black). Daddy is convinced you are color blind, because you won't say or acknowledge red, but I think daddy is loony. Your favorite color is definitely blue! (Mommy's too!) One day I took you to Home Depot to look at paint swatches and you carried that blue chip around the whole store and even carried it around at home.

I think three of your favorite words are "Unn"(Car), "Meow"(Cat), and "Ball". You love that cat! You follow the cat around when we are outside, and you are always talking about her. You love the car, because you don't like to be in the house. You want to go somewhere all the time!

You love balls - baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls. Basically if it is round, you love it. We are amazed at the arm on you, kid! You can throw the ball really far, and really hard. Sometimes we are cowering on the couch, afraid we will get one of your fast pitches to the gut! Is there a baseball camp for two year olds because we might have to enroll you next summer. A famous pitcher - yea, that would work. I'm don't really enjoy watching baseball games, but they make good money, and don't usually get injured. For future reference, your daddy and I have always wanted a beach house, Dylan. I'm just saying.

Another thing you like to do lately is put on our shoes and try to walk around in them. Maybe you are trying to understand us better, with the whole, "walk a mile in another man's shoes" thing. The expression "Big shoes to fill" takes on new meaning when talking about Mommy's shoes! (Yes, I can juggle, Dylan, but no, I'm not a clown).

You still love books, much to my delight. Now, you can climb up into the rocking chair in your room, and I often find you there, sitting perusing your books with a very serious expression on your face.

One thing you really love now, is taking a bath! You get very excited when we say "Bath", and you run over to the stairs with a big grin on your face. You love to play with your bath toys and you like the bubble machine.

Today I took you to Babies R Us, and you actually walked around with me, and I didn't have to chase you! That is a first!
Pretty soon we will all experience a first together, Dylan - the first night in our new house! I can't wait! I really hope you like it. Basically "home" for me is anywhere you and daddy are. The two of you make me so happy.

I Love You,


Anonymous said...

The hair! The eyes! That smile! Melt my heart!

(And Maren says, 'Hubba, hubba!')

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

So sweet.

Janet said...

No, he's not color blind. DeBoy did the same thing at his age. What he is, however, is ABSOLUTELY TOO TOO PRECIOUS!

Kellan said...

So sweet how you are documenting his life. He's a blessing and a little doll!

Take care - Kellan

Julia said...

So sweet and so stinkin' cute!! You have to print that and put it away for him somewhere.

JCK said...

Oh, you will be SO glad you wrote this someday. And so will he!

Jonny's Mommy said...

This is totally awesome. I may be a little biased since I have a 19 month old at home who is doing some of the same things! Except the colors...oh dear. Now I'm a little worried and will be drilling him on his colors tonight.

He is completely adorable!!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Just called Hubby and said to pull out the flash cards. Jonathan has to know his colors too. :-)