Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Would You Do?

If someone asked you "What would you do for your child?", your answer would probably be "Anything". The love one has for their child/ their children is overpowering and makes us capable of truly remarkable things.

As I watched the Olympics this time around, I kept thinking about the strength, willpower, and determination that those athletes all have. I wondered what drove them to be the best. Some of the things that they can do makes them seem almost superhuman. They seem like heroes with those medals around their necks, like the best of humanity.

But, I've been thinking about it, and I think every mother and father out there does miraculous things. I think we all deserve a medal.

Like the single mom, who works 3 jobs just to make ends meet and provide what she can for her kids.
Like the father, who rushes home from a stressful, long day at work, so he has time to roughhouse with his kids before putting them to bed.
Like the mom who has a million things to do, but gets down on the floor to play "just one more game" with her preschooler.
Like the dad, who goes to work extra early, so he can come home to walk his son to his first day of school.
Like the mom, who skips lunch at work, so she will have time to pump breast milk.
Like the dad who takes money out of each of his hard earned paychecks to save money for his children's college educations.
Like the mom, who finds the strength to get up each morning to take care of her children even though she feels numb after losing her baby.
Like the dad, who goes to every one of his son's little league games, screaming and encouraging him from the stands.
Like the mom who leaves her child in the hand's of the doctors and nurses who will be performing surgery and helping her get well, her heart heavy with worry.
Like the dad, who feels like he doesn't know his kid, because he has to travel and be away so much for his job.
Like the mom, who takes care of the children, and keeps everything running smoothly in their home, while her husband is away at war and she misses him like crazy.
Like the mom who cries in the bathroom at work, because she misses her child, and wishes she were home with him.
Like the dad who takes a personal day so he can take his child to a doctor's appointment.
Like the mom who searches and searches for a preschool that will encourage her children's creative spirit - for one that allows them to thrive and be happy.
Like the dad who gives his preteen son "the sex talk", without laughing when he says the words "penis" and "vagina".
Like the mom, who drops off her daughter at college, waiting until the car pulls away to cry because she will miss her so much.

As parents, we do little and big things all the time that are miraculous. They might seem commonplace, and we probably never get appreciation or admiration for them, but to one person, (our child), they are extraordinary. We are their hero, even if they don't know it yet.

We all deserve medals, although I suspect that this guy is winning the gold.
(Warning: Do not watch this at work, or around your husband if he is uncomfortable with blubbering women! You will need tissues).


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This was beautiful.

Kellan said...

Yes we do - nicely said, Jen! Hope you are doing well - see you soon - Kellan

Jonny's Mommy said...

Yeah, so bucking "authority" I totally watched this at work.

The boss says I'm fired. Thanks a lot.

Just kidding about the fired part.

Seriously, this was an awesome post and a great, great, great link. There is a billboard in our area (we actually have those here in the boonies) and it features these men. I was boo-hooing at just the ad let alone the story. Dang.

Shellie said...

Beautiful! You deserve a medal too.