Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Need More Money

As you know, I've been a bit obsessed with our finances lately. Being the person in charge of our finances, I get to live in a slightly panicked, slightly depressed state, while Jim gets to go about in blissful ignorance for the most part.

I decided that it was time to turn the focus outward, and start thinking of others for a change. Many, many people have it far worse than we do. I decided to use this can that we have, covered with a design that Jim made.

I thought it would be fun to have Dylan put all our spare change into the can, which is also a bank, for the month of December. Then, at the end of the month, Dylan and I will go to Giant Eagle and buy groceries with the money we accumulate, and give them to a local food drive. I explained this to Dylan, as simply as I could. Then, I got out some spare change, and let him put it in the bank. When we were finished, he immediately said, "More, Mommy!" I explained, "That is all I have. We'll see if Daddy has some when he gets home".

That was the beginning of last week. One day, when Jim got home from work, Dylan greeted him at the door with, "Where the money?" He then proceeded to frisk him. He stuck his hands in Jim's pockets, exclaiming, "We Need More Money!" I've created a monster. Yea, this plan to forget about our lack of finances is not exactly going well with my kid greeting everyone who comes to our door with, "We Need More Money"!! Yesterday, I was talking to Jim on the phone, and Dylan grabbed the phone, to shout at his dad, "We Need More Money"!! That should get Jim's mind off our finances, also. Great plan, Jen.


The Girls' Mommy said...

Set him up with the can out on the corner, you'll solve all of your problems at once ;)

Burgh Baby said...

Seriously--what The Girls' Mommy said. Stick him out on 5th and Forbes (dressed just like that) and all the world's money problems will be solved in no time.

Jonny's Mommy said...

These are the days I'm glad Jonathan isn't talking yet much. Otherwise he'd be repeating "What are we going to do? What are we going to do?"

That's how I handle money stresses lately, that and shaking my head with my hand on my forehead.

Dylan should ring the bell for the Salvation Army. He'd be great!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A lost of us wish we could just yell "We need more money!" these days.

This story will make great family lore.

Sparx said...

Very funny!!! He's cottoning on to the big issues really fast! Now, if that were the spud, I know I'd have a hard time a: getting the money out of the can without him freaking out b: getting rid of the can afterwards without him freaking out. You may be saving your spare change for years to come...!!!