Monday, August 24, 2009

A Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend. Saturday afternoon, I got my hair cut by the new stylist I've found. The last time I had a stylist who I enjoyed talking to, and liked how she cut my hair enough to go back was in... oh heck, I'm not sure that's ever happened. A couple of hours in which I had good conversation, and didn't have to fix or clean up food for anyone felt blissful.

Saturday evening, the three of us went to our neighborhood block party. At the age of 37, it is the first one I have attended. Neighbors who are friendly and throw parties to get to know each other vs. neighbors who scowl at you and break into your house. I'm moving up in the world. WOOHOO!!

I enjoyed meeting everyone, and Dylan had two little blond girls chasing him around, and another girl trying to give him kisses, so I'm thinking he enjoyed it also. When Jim was on Dylan Duty, Dylan saw a lady who looked like me from the back, and followed her into her house! Jim had to run into the house and get him. A good way to get shot in our old neighborhood.

Each household was assigned something to bring. We got side dish or salad. I made a strawberry spinach salad for the first time (15 minutes before the party of course!) Laugh at me if you want, but you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw tons of food left over later, but my salad completely gone! Aaahh, sweet success. I'll be publishing my cookbook soon. (Snort)

Sunday, we took Dylan to Living Treasures for the first time. It was fun, but wow, the kid is something else. The qualities that he possesses that will make him an awesome adult, (passionate, curious, independent, and fearless), are the very things that make him exhausting as a 2 1/2 year old. At home, he has to be near Jim and I constantly. When we're out, the objective seems to be to get as far away from us as possible, as quickly as possible. We spent a lot of time saying, "Dylan! Stay with us! Dylan! Get out of there! Dylan! Dylan! Dylan!". His favorites were the prairie dogs, including this one that looked like Buddha,

and Rusty, the pony he got to ride.

We also went to Ikea and then Panera Bread for dinner. Unfortunately, we only came home with markers for Dylan and magazine holders for me, instead of the bed, chairs, bookshelves, and picture that I wanted. I'm not sure why. Something about an indecisive person that I married.

On the way home, Dylan announced with a huge smile, "I'M HAPPY! Mommy, are you happy?! Daddy, are you happy, too?" And, you know, I really was. Then Monday came, and I kind of felt like this guy on the left...


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! And I know exactly which salad you are talking about - YUMMY! And both Cooper and Maren will follow anyone who looks like me from the waist down . . . they never look up!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh yeah, that sounds familiar: "Jonathan come back! Jonathan stay here!" And then at home....he's stuck to my hip, which actually I kind of like.

SO my weekend wasn't that bad and I still feel like that cow on the left.

(Love your hair by the way. I have to get mine cut and I wish I could find a hairdresser like that!)

The Girls' Mommy said...

We were standing in line for ice cream with a couple friends of ours from grad school. I reached up and started rubbing my husband's back while talking to the other wife. Next thing I know HER husband turns around and says, "Um, geez, thanks for the back rub, but, ummm..." Yeh, NOT my husband. That was back in our teaching days and they STILL tease me.

IKEA? Oh how I love that store! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on that cookbook! ;)

Gina said...

We love Living Treasures - we go to 7 springs every Mother's day and stop there afterward. Our favorite is the long-tongued cow.

Your hair looks great, by the way!