Sunday, August 2, 2009

No, We Didn't Get To Idlewild On Friday

Friday morning, the sky was ominous. It rained from about 8-10am. The forecast said, "Scattered thunderstorms". My forecast went something like this... PHLLPPBBTT!!! So much for positive thinking. My birthday is coming up this week, and Jim has a surprise planned. When I asked him "Does it involve being outdoors?", he answered, "Yes, and it WILL rain, and a tornado will probably pass through, and I'm thinking an asteroid might even crash to earth". I didn't even correct him this time. Maybe it would be better to expect an asteroid, and then I'll be pleasantly surprised by whatever I get.

Well, Jim had taken another day off, so we had to do something fun. We decided to take Dylan to SeaBase for the first time. It's a fun place. I was amazed by Dylan's climbing abilities. He went in the area that is for older kids, and had no trouble keeping up with most of them. There was this wall that you had to pull yourself up with a rope, and a little girl who looked to be about 5 just couldn't do it. Dylan said, "Watch out!", and shimmied his way up in front of her!

Of course, the sun came out from about the time we got there until 4pm, but then it poured again, so I guess we made the right decision. Jim and I actually got to sit down a few times, so I would say it was a pretty great day!

P.S. We went to Idlewild on Saturday instead. I'll post that video and tell that story next! I guess I should mention that this song, and the one in the last video, are sung by Elizabeth Mitchell. Thanks for introducing me to her music, Julia!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I had a friend from Buffalo, New York who told me, "People from California just don't understand what it's like to have your plans rained on all summer long."

The Girls' Mommy said...

Aaack! Where did your cute little toddler go?? He's looking so grown up...

That place looks awesome, ball pit AND mini golf, what else could a kid ask for?

I'm so glad you like Elizabeth Mitchell!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That officially looks like a blast!

I know what you mean about the rain. We were supposed to have a picnic for my mom today for her birthday -- had it at home instead. It was still OK.

I agree with The Girls' Mommy....where is your toddler? *sniff* He is looking grown up!

Love the slide show! Can't wait to hear about the Idlewood visit.

Anonymous said...

Uggg . . . I had hoped you wouldn't get the cold weather and rain that we had earlier this week (Thursday's HIGH was in the 60s!) I am glad you found another way to have fun and enjoy the day and look foward to hearing about Idlewild.

Burgh Baby said...

This summer has sealed the deal on any thoughts of getting a "real" pool. How many times has it been warm enough to actually use one this year? BAH!