Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What The Heck?!

I try not to write too many potty posts, for my son's sake, and my sanity's sake. I HATE, and I mean really HATE potty training.

I started way back after Christmas last year. So hopeful, so naive. After months of failure, I decided Dylan wasn't ready.

In the spring maybe, (I've blocked most of it), I started again. I made a chart, bought stickers, had a system. He peed on the potty numerous times for about... 2 weeks. Then, he got bored and completely lost interest. Truth is, I probably did also. Potty training makes me want to bang my head against the wall a few (thousand) times.

After reading numerous accounts of potty training success brought on by using M&M's as bribes, I caved and decided to give that a go. Nothing! From the human garbage can! GAH!

After going to the dentist's last week, I decided to try chocolate covered raisins. He definitely likes them, and definitely wants to get more, but so far, he definitely won't produce results.

Today, was the most ridiculous by far. Immediately after lunch, which is the time he sometimes poops, I had him sit on the potty. I read him probably 8 different books. (It is the only way he will stay on it). Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I told him he could get off. I'm giving him one for "trying", (three for pee, five for poop), so I went in the kitchen to get one. He ran in diaperless, and started playing with his lunchbox. I gave him the raisin, then turned around for a couple minutes to put some dishes in the dishwasher.

He said, "Here, Mommy", and I turned to see he was holding something out for me. "He didn't eat the raisin?", I thought.
Then, I saw it was quite a bit bigger than a raisin. It was as big as a swedish meatball and the same shape. He was trying to hand me a tiny turd! The part that gets me is that he looked completely perplexed as to how it got on the floor of my kitchen! Like, "Now where did this come from?" What the heck? WHAT THE HECK?!?

This does not bode well for future potty training success. If you need me, I'll be banging my head against the wall somewhere.


JCK said...

Oooh...I feel for you. He will get there. Maybe you should have a couple of drinks in the meantime...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh my. That's a new one to me.

My potty-training advice is to not wait to long. Once they realize what power they have, it is sooo hard. My easiest potty-training was 22 months. The hard one was the one I forgot about until I realized he was 3. (I blame the baby for that one).

Anonymous said...

Good luck, lady.

I'm so not ready for that. I don't think Peanut is either. It'll be a while...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh yeah. Well, explain to me why my kid only pees and poops in the potty at the sitters. This has been a discussion all week long. He throws a fit when I ask him to sit on the potty for me. Like I'm torturing him or something. He wants me to put his diaper on now. "Change meeee!" he cries so pitifully.

Whatever kid. I don't get it AT ALL!

I don't force him, I don't yell at him. Nothing. He was going OK for about a week or two and then nothing!

The Girls' Mommy said...

I will bang my head with you.

My advice is to take the turd and run with it. The twins didn't train until we spent three days locked in the house naked and they started to realize what this pee and poop stuff was. Peeing in their undies didn't bother them. Peeing on the carpet freaked them out. Same with poop.

Rent a carpet steam cleaner.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't tell you how lucky I feel that my kids never squatted on the floor. He'll get it - hopefully soon!