Friday, October 16, 2009

A Fall Day?

My parents are not people who enjoy staying home much. Which, of course, means that I'm not a person who enjoys staying home much. Which, of course, means that Dylan is already not a person who enjoys staying home much. Which, of course, means HOLY HECK! WHEN IS IT GONNA STOP RAINING?!

Monday, as always, the day with the best weather of the week, I took the girls I'm a nanny for to Barnes & Nobles. Tuesday we were rained in. Wednesday and Thursday, after taking Dylan to school and back in the rain, we were stuck inside. Today it was still raining. This made me just a little bit AAHHBBBLLPPHHTTT!! I was supposed to have a mom and her son from Dylan's playgroup over. We've been trying to arrange it for a month now. First she was sick, then I was sick. This morning Dylan woke up with a red face and runny nose. Her son woke up with a bad cough. So, we were stuck in the house with no company. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just raining, but it is also COLD. Forty degree weather in October makes me start my "Why do we live here" mantra ridiculously early.

I might have been a tad bit irritated and bored, so I might have overcompensated. We played, we read Halloween books, we listened to a tape about fall, we painted a pumpkin, we made cookies. I also did two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed dishes, organized a file cabinet, worked on a digital scrapbook, and wiped Dylan's nose eleventy billion times.

Since we were just going to be inside all day, I didn't bother to comb his hair. Be happy I didn't show you a picture of what I looked like today! If you are wondering why there aren't any pictures of the painted pumpkin, that is because I was too busy trying to prevent my WHITE kitchen from becoming multi-colored. If you are wondering why the cookies are red(ish), yellow, and orange, that is because we were SUPPOSED to make fall leaves. After mixing the food coloring in the icing, I realized I don't actually have a leaf cookie cutter. And, also, did you ever go to make cookies and notice that your flour says that it expired in 2006?! Yea, I never did that either.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I think Briar and Dylan are hair soulmates.

I am glad that the day was fun, even though you were forced to stay indoors. I am a stay-at-home kind-of person, though I am trying to venture out more . . . does hitting the grocery store once-a-week count?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We have been stuck inside so much this week too and it is driving me crazy. I used to be the kind of person who liked to stay inside -- then Jonathan was born and I had to find ways to entertain him. Now I want to go out...somewhere...anywhere. Of course we are broke right now, so we can't go to the store or I'll have to hear..."Toys! Toys!" for an hour and say "no!" in response about 50 million times. Tomorrow we are heading down to my parents (about an hour away) so maybe that will break the monotony a bit. I hope!

Love Dylan's concentration as he puts the frosting on those cookies!

Feather said...

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! flour goes rancid?!

Anonymous said...

I went to make zucchini bread last weekend and couldn't find my loaf pans so used muffin tins instead. And then I noticed that the 2 cans of baking soda I had expired in 2003. 2003!!! Ya. I went to the store. Didn't buy a loaf pan, though, so still used the muffin pans. Hoping Dylan feels better soon!

The Girls' Mommy said...

cookies from scratch? I bow down to you