Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Maze of Tubes

Dear Dylan,

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day, with temperatures in the 60's! You were so excited when I said we were going to the zoo.
We had a great time, but something that happened at the zoo stayed with me all evening.

You were having fun, playing in the playground area, while your daddy and I sat on a bench watching you. You went through the maze of tubes several times, smiling each time you came out, and exclaiming "I did it!".

You went in again, and we suddenly saw your head poking out in the middle of the tubes. I snapped a picture, and then noticed your slightly panicked expression. You started to cry, and I went over to see what was going on. "I can't come out!", you wailed. I tried to talk you through it from the ground, but you were distraught. You just stood there sobbing, and looking pitiful, saying "I can't!"

Oh, Dylan, I have been in that situation many times, and I had a similar reaction. I have a horrible sense of direction, and I hate being lost. My heart hurt watching you. I kept yelling up to you, "You CAN do it, Dylan!" Your daddy and I were both thinking we were going to have to somehow cram ourselves into those tunnels, and make our way up to you, to bring you out, risking throwing our backs out in the process.

Suddenly, an older boy came over, and told you he could help you find your way out. You just kept sobbing, but he stuck with you, and saw to it that you made it out. I wanted to hug that kid, but I just thanked him when he came out with you.

I've been thinking about that all day, Dylan. There are going to be so many times in your life that you are lost, or upset, and I won't be there. I won't be able to help you. I won't even know that you need help. I just hope that as you grow up, you will let me know when you do need my help. I pray that those times when I'm not there and can't help, that you will hear my voice in your head saying "You CAN do it, Dylan. You CAN".



Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Such a sweet post. This cheered me up in my feverish state (oh yes, I still have it an bad. Found out that if a child has the live virus nasal spray he can give the virus to those he loves. Guess I should have read the fine print!) Not the part about Dylan crying. That broke my heart. But the part about encouraging him through life. That I liked.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Awesome post. Dylan is such a lucky little boy to have a mom like you! You have hit the essence of being a mom on the head!

Feather said...

you got it, sista! i love this. that's what we all want as mothers (at least i hope): to raise independent, smart, capable children.
i absolutely love the hero in this story...that boy. there needs to be more of them!

JCK said...

This was so lovely, Jen. It is so true. And, how cool that you got to be there for him on the other side. And that he got to show you that he could do it.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

And he learned that help can come from many places--a great story all around.

Burgh Baby said...

I love that there are kids who help other kids in this world. It bodes well for our future.