Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mommy Books

The past few weeks, I've been getting books from the library, for me to read to Dylan.  I don't spend a lot of time looking for books to check out.  I don't have a lot of time, with Mr. Impatient at my side.  Usually something will just catch my eye - a title, the cover picture, an author - that will make me grab the book.  I very rarely read them before bringing them home, which is nice, because Dylan and I get to experience the book together for the first time.  I've been checking out 7 books a week.  Some are duds, and are only read once.  Some are okay.  This week's pile brought two complete gems that I have to tell you about.

The first, which I read to him on Sunday, is "Mama Says", by Rob D. Walker.  On the book itself, it says "A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons", and that is exactly what it is.  If you have a son, you need this book.  I also think it would be perfect as a gift from a grown man to his mom.  Because I couldn't say it any better, this is how the website describes it...

"In this elegant expression of wisdom and love, mothers around the world share lifes simplest yet important lessons with their sons. With Leo and Diane Dillons magnificent paintings, these moments of sharing are profound, engrossing, and a tender display of hope and trust, strength and support. Each verse presents a different family and is translated into a language related to their culture. Whether Cherokee or Korean or American, true love between parent and child transcends our differences and unites us all."

Before I talk about the second book, I should tell you I don't LOVE my job.  I do what I do, (being a part time nanny), because it allows me to make enough money to stay home with Dylan Wednesday through Friday.  I cherish the time that I am getting to spend with him while he is young.  I try to make that time extra special because I know how fast that time will go.  So, when it is sunny and beautiful on Monday and Tuesday, and cold and rainy on Wednesday, I get a bit grumpy.  Today I decided to hell with the rain, we would enjoy the day anyway.  We went to Barnes & Nobles for story time and to play with the train.  When we got home, we snuggled under a blanket to read "Let's Go On A Mommy Date", by Karen Kingsbury, and I cried while reading it.  By the end, my voice was an octave higher,  the tears were streaming down my cheek, and I had to explain to Dylan that sometimes people cry when they are happy.

"See, time will take you far from here; you're growing way too fast.
All I want is Mommy time to make the moments last.
Something we'll remember so that come some far-off day,
you'll know how much I loved you 'cause we took the time to play."


The Girls' Mommy said...

My favorite topic :) Can you online reserve/order at your library? I hate browsing the shelves with my kids. So I go on online shopping sprees at the library and order like 30 books and then we go once a week and pick them up. I love it. Here are some of our favorites:

The One, The Only Magnificent Me! Dan Haseltine
The OK Book, Amy Krouse Rosenthal
One, Kathryn Otoshi
Giraffes Can't Dance, Giles Andreae

Mary said...

Ahhh, that last got me! You probably have gathered from my blog that I have major issues with my kids growing way too fast!

And like you, I too, am not in love with my job. And every now and then on a weekend when I'm feeling overwhelmed because my house is a pig sty and I have laundry up the wahzoo and a million and one things to do.............I throw a little inner fit (in my head) and say, "to hell with it" I'm going to play instead. And those end up being the best days I have :)

blue china studio said...

This was such a sweet post. My son is 16 (and driving!). It has gone so fast. You are wise to cherish every moment you can. And snuggling under the covers to read a book together...that is something I miss almost more than anything.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You're going to make ME cry!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I have never read Karen Kingsbury's book and now, just reading that one paragraph, I want to cry. I want to cry because I want a job where I can be home a few days of week and just be here for Jonathan. I'm going to find a way to do it. I just am. Because it would be so worth it! Thanks for recommending both of these books!

Brooke G. said...

I MUST add these to my list!!!
And bummer, I JUST got back from our little library.
They sound like great reads.
Thanks for sharing... and yup - that list sentence GOT me too :D
**sniff, sniff**