Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paint With Me - Self Portraits (and Smear)

I have this problem with Paint With Me Thursdays. I went to college for four years to get a degree in Art. I feel that if I'm going to paint/draw something, it should be GOOD. And, there is the problem - I don't have time to be GOOD. I have a really hard time carving out an hour or two of uninterrupted, child free creative time. So, what do I do? Nothing.

Did you ever see the Friends episode where Monica's credit card is stolen, and the woman who steals it is charging all these amazing, fun things that Monica has always wanted to do? She decides to go to one of the classes to confront the woman, and ends up taking the class herself. At the end of the episode, the teacher of the class yells at her, "Monica! You're doing it all wrong!" She answers, "Yea, but at least I'm doing it!" At the time, that really struck a chord with me. I think I need to get on board with that concept. So, this week, I didn't do anything GOOD for Paint With Me Thursday. But... I did it.

Actually I did it last week also, but then didn't get time to post it. Last week's theme was "Smear". I immediately thought of the fact that my glasses are smeared constantly.
First, I took a picture of my glasses.
Then, I quickly sketched them with a marker. Then, the phone rang, and when I got back, Dylan had added a few "smears" of his own with a pencil. At that point, I decided, if you can't beat them join them, so he helped me make another thing that is always smeared around here - his hands.

Now, on to this week's theme - Self Portraits.  I forced myself to just do a quick cartoon with markers, so I didn't over think it, or obsess.(My hair is a hot mess lately)

This one is from college. This represents the things that make me feel alive... Sunny days, the ocean, creativity and art, following my own path, and love and friendship. The words at the top say, "I want to see the world as if seeing it through a child's eyes... with curiosity, with hope, with honesty, and with love".


blue china studio said...

I feel the same way about time and being to really produce something "good". I've been really frustrated with that exact thing lately.

Anyway! Love your quick sketch self-portrait. And also love your smeared glasses drawing. I think they are both good. Perhaps "good" doesn't really equate to time spent. What do you think?

Feather said...

okay, jen...let's have a chat. here, have a seat.

i started this project because i wanted to encourage my creative soul. i'm not good, but i want to be. my struggle is to just put it on paper--ugly, wrong, stupid, or not. i have discovered that my time for art and creative time doesn't have to take long. just sit and sketch for ten minutes. paint for ten minutes. journal for ten minutes. that's all it takes. instead of trying to be good, try to find serenity.
that sketch of your glasses is exactly what this is about. just a moment to draw, reflect, create. you have too much art in your soul to sit back waiting for time. we'll never have that time. find a few minutes for "enough." just enough to find joy.

Amber said...

You girls are all crazy. And yes, I'm saying that out loud. That either you or Heather would even think you are not good artists is laughable. You are amazing. Sometimes it is hard to see from your own perspective, but trust me. Your work is good.

I draw stick figures. It's who I am. Even your "not good," is wonderful. I'm just sayin'.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you have the right idea. And? I wish I had an nth of your artistic talent.

Lindsay said...

Hi Jen, i had the exact same feelings about art. Thinking I should be good because I was an art major. That is why I put it away for so many years, and I was ALWAYS comparing myself to other people. Now I just don't care. The only person I create for is me. NO mistakes.
I love what you created for smear and self portrait...

Brooke G. said...

Hee hee - I think we are all the same boat this week... remember my post about blogging and wanting to do it well or BETTER :D What a perfect message - "At least I am doing it!" (Did I miss that Friends episode?!?! Impossible! Maybe my memory is just getting a litte dicey :D) I think we all want to do the things we do WELL. Remember though that you are your own worst critic!

Couple more things: That photo with the glasses is really cool - the drawing of the glasses cracked me up! And I was full out hooting when I saw your self portrait!!! Cute stuff, girl.

Elissa said...

oh good for you, dear. i love that you DID it this week and i think the results are great. it's true that it is more about the process than the result, so why can't i even get involved in the process??

Suzanne said...

I know...I don't like what I's never good enough. But the point is, I wish that I hadn't given it up for so long in the first place. So kudos for doing what you have time for, and be happy that you're doing! :)

The Girls' Mommy said...

Ooo, I love that you quoted Friends and I know EXACTLY the episode you mean. Our kids will laugh at us for this one day.