Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Roller Skating

(I have to apologize for the quality of these photos - they were all taken by my iphone, in horrible lighting!)

First, Dylan drew this for school.  The assignment was to write a sentence about something you want to learn this year and illustrate it.  Well, you know me.  I'm all about crossing things off lists, so that is what we did this past weekend.

Then, this happened.  I was in the bathroom drying my hair, when I saw a blur go past the door, and turned to see this.  Rollerblading... in the house... perfect.

We finally arrived, and this happened.

And, this happened, for a while.

Then, this happened.

This happened... a LOT.

For those of you who went skating most weekends in the 80's, remember couple skates?  Apparently, they don't have that anymore, so we made our own.  They did play some great 80's tunes, though.  "Abracadabra", anyone?

We had a blast!  It went SO much better than ice skating.

Plus, by the time we were finished, this happened...


Janet said...

So much fun!! The Queen asked for (and got) roller skates for Christmas. We're getting there. I did my roller-skating in the 70s, so it's been a bit harder for me to come back . . .

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's great.