Friday, December 14, 2007

Freaky Friday

For those of you wonderfully compassionate people who were wondering how the rest of my week was going, let me just say this, it didn't get much better. I was in a seriously bad mood - you know it's bad when I can't even find the humor in my crazy life. But on the upside (to quote my blogger buddy Kellan), I didn't buy a bazooka and go postal either.

Then, came today. Did you ever have a day that feels like you are living in a Bizarro cartoon? First off, the switch over from formula to regular milk has been so smooth for Dylan, that I decided today was the day to attempt milk in the sippy cup. He has been happily drinking juice in his sippy cup for a long time, and he likes the taste of regular milk, so how bad could it be? Honestly, I expected it to be bad. I was prepared for bad. He LOVES his bottle, and I know this. So, when I put the cup down, my hands practically shaking with anticipation, and he immediately started drinking, I was ecstatic! YES!! Woo-hoo's!! High fives!! Ooooh yea, ooooh yea. Hey, Dylan! Hey, Dylan! But - it is Freaky Friday - and he suddenly realized "Wait! I'm drinking milk, out of a cup?! Where's my da*& bottle?" Then came the meltdown of all meltdowns, resulting in choking and then throwing up on the rug.

Jim missed the fun, because he had an appointment at the Mac store with "The Genius". No kidding, this guy's job title, as it reads on his business card, is "Lead Genius". At first I was all "I want that job!", but then I was all "That's a lot of pressure!" The Genius was very busy when Jim got there, (as a genius should be), so Jim had to wait. He sat in a beanbag chair and played with some kid's software (wish I could've seen that). While the Genius, and his not so genius coworker were looking something up for Jim on the internet, the power went off in the store, and the alarm started going off! Freaky Friday, folks.
When he came home, (with no answers to his questions - what kind of a genius is that?!), I tagged out, and left for a couple desperately needed hours of ME time.

First I headed to the bank to cash my work check. Now, I will attempt to tell this story without offending anyone. I will be totally PC, and use the terms Caucasian and African American, but I'll shorten it to C, and AA, since I'm lazy. This particular bank is in a part of town with mostly AA's. When I went in, there was a long line, and I'm not very patient during ME time, so I was crabby. There was only one other C, other than me, in the long line of people. Everyone was behaving as one does in a line of strangers, staring at the wall, or the ground, fidgeting, and shifting from leg to leg, when suddenly the C starting talking. Just random stuff, about the weather, or something. I don't know. I wasn't paying attention, and was kind of weirded out that she was talking in general. No one was answering her, either. Suddenly, everyone was staring at me! Staring! Do I have a booger, I was thinking. Then, I realized because I am a C, and she is a C, that they assumed she must be talking to me! Why isn't she answering, they were all thinking.

After the bank, I went to the post office and got stamps, then went to ONE store, where I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done in less than 2 hours! Before I walked into the store, I had no idea what I was even getting anyone! Freaky Friday, I'm telling you.

For dinner, the 3 of us went to King's. We were sitting there attempting to feed ourselves, hold an adult conversation (for once), and throw the food at Dylan fast enough to keep him eating and more importantly, quiet, when suddenly this guy started talking to us. He commented that Dylan has a great smile. People are often commenting about Dylan, so this wasn't strange at all. What was strange was that he kept talking...and talking...and talking. About the time I thought he was going to move his family over to join our table, he started talking to other people sitting nearby. Then, to other people. Hey-ay, it's a party, at Ki-ings, we're all he-ere.

Maybe some people are really feeling the Christmas spirit, or maybe I woke up this morning in another town where people are actually friendly. Either way, I'm a little freaked.


Pam said...

I am sorry to hear about the milk meltdown! Hang in there. Glad you got some time for you--you deserved it after your week! What is it about a baby that makes you fair game for people anyway? Oh and congrats on not going postal on everyone...that takes a lot of self-control. yeah for you! Swing by my site and check out the brownie recipe....brownies make it all better!

MilitaryMom said...

I'm glad someone in this world gets ME time! And shopping time. I still haven't even started yet. Have a great weekend!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Remove King's and replace it with Eat n Park and you just accurately described our Friday evening. The dude was all talking to and about the Toddler for what had to be 20 minutes.

What has happened to our usually ignorant to the world around them Pittsburghers?

Janet said...

You are seriously in need of a decent day. Although getting all your shopping done definitely seems to be reversing the bad trend.

Kellan said...

What funny stories - I loved the bank story - as if they were expecting you to shut her up or something! And the restaurant story - where you thought he might move his whole family over to your tabel -ACK!!! Hope you've had a good weekend. See you soon. Kellan

Sparx said...

Hi hon! Man, that sounds like a rubbish time you're having. We had the same meltdown and I'm still too scared to give the spud his milk in his cup even though he's happy to have mild in a cup and juice in his sippy cup. I just can't combine the two! It'll come one day. Merry Happy!

Joanna said...

Wait? What's this ME time? I think I've heard of it but I haven't found it.

Major freaky Friday but glad you got your shopping done as you were over due!!

Again, I would have saved barf for someone else just so they could share in my suffering cuz I'm like that. Glad you didn't go postal. :)

Shellie aka La Vaquita said...

An alien body snatcher invasion is taking place in the greater Pittsburgh area. Talk back and make friends with them because soon they will take over the world, and you'll want to be on their good side. Almost all your shopping in 2 hours? I'm so jealous!

Hannah said...

Oh boy - you REALLY deserve a whole lotta good days in a row!!!

But - I'm glad you got your ME time ... it is SO important!!!