Monday, April 21, 2008

Dylan at 17 months

I realized today that I haven't written much about Dylan lately. It's been ME, ME, ME, blah, blah, blah. Gosh, I'm annoying. Dylan turned 17 months this weekend. The main theme of Dylan at 17 months is apparently this...Dylan outdoors=happy child, Dylan indoors=very unhappy child wailing and making noise that neighbors down the street can possibly hear. Seriously, if we allowed him to spend the entire day outside, he would. He even chooses that over watching his signing video, and EATING. Eating! Now, that's serious. Maybe if I dangled a chunk of cheese in front of his face he'd come in. I haven't tried that yet.

He spends his time outdoors collecting sticks and arranging and rearranging pinecones. When we come inside and I try to pry the sticks from his grubby hands, he cries as if I dropped a boulder on his toes. He went through our back yard, and collected each and every pinecone, and placed them one by one in a pile, because I guess he likes a neat yard. Jim is happy because it is less work for him to do when he has to cut the grass. Now if I could just get him to straighten things up inside the house!

He wants the cat to be with us when we are outside, not because he wants to pet her, or play with her, just because he likes every member of the family to be together at all times. If the cat wanders away, he follows her, "Mow? Mow?"

At 17 months, he has grown out of his size 5 shoes. He has two size 5 shoes that he has worn for quite a while, and he has apparently grown VERY attached to them. The velcro straps are flying in the wind, because his chubby little foot is popping out of the shoe, but Dylan refuses to even consider wearing another pair of shoes. We took him to a shoe store in the mall this weekend to buy a pair of sandals and another pair of tennis shoes. There was much thrashing and screaming. Then, the nice lady, (the manager, I presume), came over to get us the hell out of the store before we scared away all the other customers, err, I mean "see if there was anything she could help us with". We quickly grabbed the sandals and tennis shoes and hightailed it out of there. They are sitting in the boxes with the lids off in our living room until he "acclimates to them". In the meantime, he's working on developing a blister on his big toe.

After the shoe store, we went to Babies R Us to try and buy him some pajamas with feet. He needs those so that he can't pull up his pajama bottoms and scratch the ezcema on his legs until he makes them bleed, the poor kid. He was NOT in the mood to shop. He was in the mood to make a very large scene. Yep, we are THAT family. The ones in Babies R Us, for goodness sakes, that everyone else is staring at. Hello! Yep, my kid. So, now I'm going to do what every mom does in this sort of situation...make excuses. He has a sinus infection (so do I), and I think the medication makes him jittery, or you know, crazy.
Also, if you've ever had ezcema all over your body, (I have), it makes you very miserable. Miserable to the point that you just want to spread the misery around, so I totally understand. He's still an angel. Just look at these pictures if you don't believe me.


Julia said...

OH--that pile of pinecones!! What a riot!

(for some reason he looks WAY older than Katie, don't you think? Aren't they just 2 months apart?)

Kellan said...

Oh - those pictures!!!!! Could he be any cuter? I love that he loves playing outside - he reminds me of Little Billy an that is a good thing - he is all boy and he loves the outdoors! That Dylan is a cutie - A-dorable and those are terrific pictures, Jen - really good.

Have a good Tuesday- see ya - Kellan

Lijy said...

angel he is. a cute little agnel.

even Jason loves to play outside, but hates to wear his shoes.Its fun to watch them.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

He IS an angel. The photos most certainly prove it.

I pay real actual money for pinecones before Christmas for a couple of projects every year. This year I'm going to your house (if you're still living in it) and stealing from the pile. I might even convince Dylan to help me.

Elsie Button said...

Betty spends her time outside sorting and making little piles of stones everywhere - she reminds me of a little squirrel. she too gets pretty pissed off when i try to take them off her when we are back inside.

Gorgeous pics!

Lisa said...

I love this post because I could have written it! Jonathan is so similar! He wants to be outside all the time, especially since the weather is warmer. He hates being outside and cries and cries when we make him go in. His item of choice to "straighten up" is rocks. Our neighbors have a "rock garden" of sorts and he's always moving them or giving them to me. We don't have any trees around us where we live (which stinks for me because I grew up in the country).

He is also wearing size 5, actually 5 1/2, which are a little big for him. He has such tiny feet though and is a tiny kid, with tiny parents. Tiny vertically anyhow.

Just loved the update and the adorable photos. I know one reason is because Dylan and Jonathan are so close in age.
-- Jonny's Mommy (Lisa)

Janet said...

He is beyond beautiful. I haven't noticed you in Babies R Us because we're the family across the store doing the louder screaming (there are 2 of them after all). Both of mine have loved to be outside since they first sniffed the fresh air. DeBoy who rarely eats will actually eat a full meal if he's sitting outside somewhere. And we're about to have the shoe problem too. He loves his current ones and they are almost too small. Fortunately, he has bigger ones that LIGHT UP. This is a big deal (all his shoes are hand me downs - it helps to be the last person you know to have babies).

Joanna said...

Ohmyword! That boy is CUTE!!

Kellan said...

Hey Jen - Hope you have had a good week - see you later - Kellan

Shellie said...

He's so adorable! Give that guy a little hug for me. Hope he's feeling better soon. Sounds like you're going to be in the great outdoors all summer.

JCK said...

Incredibly cute! I'm sorry he has ezcema. My son does, too. His skin is sensitive to everything. He loves being naked, but then he gets covered in a rash from the grass or something...Aquaphor, the wonder ointment for ezcema!

Hope your week went well at the dream house job!

Jaime said...

Oooh, those are cute pictures!!

Sparx said...

Oh, he is sooo cute!