Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Picture Extravaganza

Extravaganza! Don't you just love that word? It might just be my favorite word, and I don't get to say it nearly enough. I seem to say "Crap!" quite a bit, though. Hmmm. Anyway, this has been life in my household the past week or so...

We really love that drum - the whole family fights over it. If I had more time, and wasn't lazy, I'd show you the video of Dylan's grandma with the drum around her neck, marching through our house, with Dylan following behind her with his instrument of choice - in their parade. I'm sure I'll be regretting my encouragement of the whole drum thing when he's in his teen years, but the deal is this... If he starts a band, I get to play the drums in it.

On Saturday I got the haircut from hell. On Sunday I (shudder) went back to the Torturer, because she had to fix my hair. When your husband tells you "you have a mullet", drastic measures are required. I had her cut the back off to eliminate the mullet, so now it is even shorter than before, but at least I don't look like one of the Beatles. Well, I guess since you all want to see a picture of the haircut SO bad..

I'm going to seriously disappoint you, because uh-uh, no way!

Sunday, we also took Dylan to the farm. There is a working farm not too far away, that allows visitors to walk through and see the animals, and we hadn't taken Dylan since last summer. What fun! Especially since there were baby sheep, baby chickens, and brand new just born baby bunnies! But, the most important part for Dylan was the "Moo". He talked about it the whole way home.

Sunday night was bath night. Yes, bath night. We only give him a bath once a week due to the ezcema. I'm thinking that's not gonna fly this summer, though, because he has discovered the joy of getting dirty.

The house hunting thing is mind numbingly frustrating and depressing. First, we found our dream house...well, not 100%. It had a septic tank. Jim said "I'd shit in a bucket to live in that house". (Thank you Jim, for making me laugh during this process). Problem was, after we ran the numbers on the house (that the bank said we CAN afford) we realized it is at least 25,000 out of our price range. Jim said "I would HAVE to shit in a bucket because we couldn't afford to flush the toilet". Well, that kind of negates the "dream house" image, doesn't it? A few days ago I discovered it is now contingent, so it will probably sell. Now, we compare every other home we see to that one. I was imagining myself in that house. I imagined Dylan sitting doing homework in the huge kitchen, while I cooked dinner. I imagined myself getting tons of laundry done in the first floor laundry room, like a time efficient wife, as opposed to the running out of clean underwear wife I currently am. Ugh, while I was imagining, other people were buying, so PHLPPTTT! I have this problem of always planning for the next thing, instead of seeing the good in the current thing, so I stopped to smell the flowers and appreciate a beautiful sunset, from our current front deck. Life is still good. I know that. Just let me bang my head off this wall a minute more, and then I'll be just fine.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I have looked at that drum set many, many times and just can't get myself to pull the trigger. You are a brave woman. And a woman who really doesn't care if her neighbors hate her.

Great photos, each and every one!

Jonny's Mommy said...

WHere did you get that drum????

Jonathan loves the drum and I've been looking all over! Must have!

Seriously...are our kids twins from another womb? They are so similar.

I love the photos....I love seeing photos of Dylan because he makes me think of my little guy..who is asleep right now and who I want to go stare at because he's been such a sweetheart tonight! See you later!

Jonny's Mommy said...

That should have said, Jonathan loves to drum and I've been looking all over for one. I guess I got too excited about it all...sorry.

Shellie said...

Great shots! He is such a cutie and the drum looks tempting. As for the house, hang in there, someday the dream house will come.

JCK said...

You really are a tease with no picture of the cut. Don't you just love paying for highlights and then having them all cut out!

The ezema thing. Aquaphor truly is the miracle ointment, Jen. BOY still takes a bath every day, but this is what I do. I don't put any bubble bath or baby wash in the bath tub and basically wash him with water. Water to wash his face and soap on strategic areas, both private as well as dirty limbs. Then I pat him dry and coat him with the Aquaphor. He loves to get naked and go outside and gets a horrific, almost blistery rash on his butt. I put aquaphor on it and it is almost negligible by morning. Our dermatologist said we could even use vaseline, but I like the aquaphor better. The skin absorbs it. He told us to use no lotions. I even found that the aquaphor worked better than a sample prescription cream he gave us. Amazing stuff! It also works wonderfully well for chapped rosy cheeks. You know when they get a cold and wipe their mucus across their face! And their cheeks get raw. Or raw from winds outside. OK, I'll shut up now. Definitely worth a try!

And show us that picture, dammit, Jen!

Julia said...

We started Maggie on a cream called VaniCream that's really helped. Ask the pharmacist, they keep it behind the counter.

Next dream house--figure out how much $25,000 is when its divided out over 12 months/30 years. We faced that decision and when we saw that our dream house was really just $100 more a month we jumped on it. Just a thought. Another house will come around, even better, it always does!

Oh- and LOVE the drum pictures!

Janet said...

We don't need drums. We bang on everything we can get our grubby little paws on. Good luck on the house hunting, and forgive my stupidity, but what's wrong with a septic tank? (We have one - no city water here.)

Kellan said...

Beautiful pictures - so cute of Dylan!! I'm sorry about the bad haircut - CRAP! I say that word a lot too - only with the S at the beginning. I'm sorry about the house too!

I've missed you - nice to see you. Take care - Kellan

Kellan said...

Married in Jamaica in a gazebo by the ocean - that sounds PERFECT - WOW!!

See ya - Kellan

Joanna said...

He is just the cutest thing ever!!

I am so sorry about the house hunting nightmare.

Sparx said...

We have the EXACT SAME drum!! And Charlie loves it too although we haven't tried hanging it around his neck. Why haven't we? I have no idea... maybe it doesn't have a strap? It's brilliant though hey?