Thursday, June 18, 2009


On Thursday last week, my parents and I took Dylan to Triple B Farm to pick strawberries. He was very excited to go, but very serious once we got there. I only got one picture with a smile! He was busy finding good ones to pick and put in the basket for a while, but once he ate one, it became more about eating and much less about picking!

On the hayride back from the field, (as he sat munching one after another), a lady asked me "Did you weigh him before you left today?" You are supposed to have them weighed before you pay for them, before you EAT them! I think we would have had to sit on the kid to prevent him from eating them. He ate tons, and then we went to get lunch, and he ate a whole (kid sized) pizza. A short while later, he moaned, "Oh my belly hurts!" A short while after that, he was farting like a racehorse. Then, he got a rash on his face. He has eaten strawberries from the store without an issue, so what the heck? I found out later, that they do spray the strawberries with a pesticide, so that could have been the issue, since they weren't washed before he ate them.

There was a playground at the farm, complete with a barn that you climb through to go down a slide. It was going to start raining any second, so Dylan ran around trying out every single thing on the playground once, saying "No rain yet!". I love that he wants to try everything and get the most out of each experience!

Something happened that day that is one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I'm going to write about it anyway, so that I can remember it. I had only been to this farm once before, so I printed out directions. I was driving my parent's car. My mom was supposed to be giving directions. I was getting flashbacks of our car trips to Florida as a kid, as I was yelling, "MOOOOMM! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FOLLOWING MY DIRECTIONS!! MOOOOOMMMM! WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO TURN, IF IT WASN'T IN THE DIRECTIONS!! MOOOOMMMM!"

We stopped a couple of times for directions, but couldn't find "Center Avenue". We saw a guy standing beside a Pepsi truck, and my mom called out from the backseat, "Ask this guy where Center Avenue is". As I pulled up along side the guy, my dad leaned out of his window to ask, "Excuse me, can you tell us where Center Avenue is?"

As the words were coming out of his mouth, we all saw it. The guy was holding back the rows of Pepsi bottles that were about to fall out of the truck into the street. He was using both hands to hold back different areas of the truck, and I think he might have even been using his knees to hold back others. It was like an I Love Lucy episode. He turned to look over his shoulder at my dad with crazy eyes, while admonishing, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?"

That was it. All three of us bust out laughing at the same time, and we were cracking up as I quickly pulled the car away from the guy. We could hear him swearing as we drove away, and as I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see a few bottles falling out of the truck. That made me laugh even harder. My mom and dad were laughing harder than I've seen them laugh in years, and I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face, and I started hyperventilating. Every time one of us would calm down, someone else would start laughing again, or say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?", and we would all be in hysterics again. Dylan, who was obliviously napping through all this, woke up, looked at all of us as if we were on drugs, then fell back asleep. More laughter.

The poor guy. I would have loved to hear the story he told his wife about his day, and the crazy, rude people who stopped to ask him directions!


Gina said...

We love Triple B. We always go a couple of times in the fall, where I make an ass of myself going down the big slide.

Steph said...

Very cute!!! Isn't it always about eating the strawberries? I always seem to want to eat the 'good' ones, rather than save them for later. :)

The Girls' Mommy said...

Red shirt! Smart Mama ;)

Strawberries are always better warm from the field. Can't blame him one bit.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It could just be the sheer number of strawberries he ate. My nephew is okay if eats 4 or 5, but breaks out if he eats more than that.

What a fun day.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

He is a doll.

But seriously...not one of you tried to help the poor Pepsi guy? :-)

That cracks me up. It seriously sounds like something my family would do. That's probably why I laughed as I read it.

Anyhow, great shots and it looks like a ton of fun!

Burgh Baby said...

Why have I never been to Triple B? I gotta fix that.

Sparx said...

Very funny - Kat recently posted that she just paid for an extra pound of strawberries and let her kid eat what he wanted.

Seriously though, the chap with the pepsi bottles; you just have to know that ended badly, hey?!