Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zoo Class

This morning, I took Dylan to a zoo class - "Itsy Bitsy Bugs". The class was at 9:30am, and I just remembered around 8:00am that it was today.

Here's a breakdown of the morning...

8:00 - "Holy crap! Today is the zoo class!!!"

8:10 - Convince Dylan to go upstairs, after explaining we are going to the zoo.

8:40 - After getting Dylan and myself dressed, pop in a "video", so I can pack the bag, make a quick phone call, and find the paper I need to take.

9:00 -Leave the house and drive, (a little too quickly, "Mommy! We're going FAST!"), to the zoo.

9:24 - Check in, get Dylan strapped in the stroller, and book it to the elevators.

9:25 - See the huge line and get him out of the stroller. Hold his hand, the bag, my purse, and the stroller as we go up the escalator instead.

9:27 - Put him back in the stroller and book it up the hill to where the class is. Think, "I might die from this heat". (It is 90 degrees and humid today).

9:32 - Arrive (only 2 minutes late, but sweaty and out of breath).

(The class was OK. He got to touch a millipede, and a cockroach. Look at a tarantula, caterpillars, and a stick bug. I thought the crafts were kind of lame, and the teacher needed to talk more on a 2 year old level. Me and the lady I was talking to were the only ones who didn't squeal or make faces when the teacher brought out the bugs. That being said, though, if I went to a reptile class, and a snake was involved, I might pee my pants. Dylan was losing interest by the end, and kept talking about seeing the polar bears.)

10:15 - Put him back in the stroller and go straight to the polar bears, passing the sharks and otters along the way.

10:30 - Stand in the tunnel watching the polar bear swim above us. So cool!

10:45 - Start walking (Dylan now out of the stroller), and suddenly he takes off down the path like lightning - ZOOM! Run like a maniac after him, screaming, "STOP!". Pull him out of a restricted area and put him back in the stroller.

11:15 - Go to Kids Kingdom, thinking he needs to get some energy worked off.

11:25 - Explain to him that he can only go on the blue slide, NOT the big ones because they are for the older kids. (The zoo's rule - not mine).

11:30 Go up the rope climb with Dylan because he won't go himself. Think, "I might die in this heat".

11:35 - Grab Dylan before he gets on the biggest slide and gets yelled at by the zoo worker. He then falls to the floor and goes limp, whining, "I want to go on this one!"

11:36 - Carry a crying, squirming Dylan down three flights of stairs, thinking, "I might pass out. What does heat exhaustion feel like?" Scream at Dylan "WE'RE DONE!", and leave Kid's Kingdom.

11:40 - Get lunch. Drink a bottle of water in about 3 gulps. Left the zoo thinking, "Going to the zoo on a 90 degree day is for fools". That, and "Next time I come to the zoo, I'm bringing backup".

12:05 - Leave the zoo, a hot sweaty mess.

We have one more class next week. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun - the bugs, not the morning! Here's hoping your afternoon sees a nap and some time in the sprinklers. (I would say a little alcohol as well, but I don't want you going too wild and crazy!)

Steph said...

Wow, sure sounds like you had a great morning ;) I hope the next class goes better.

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

That totally would have been me and you know it! So funny! My kid always wants to go where he isn't supposed to go. I still think your zoo sounds awesome and wish I could go to it. Maybe someday!

I was hoping for a photo of Dylan taking off and you behind him, but alas, with Jim not there, who would have taken the photo? :-)

Burgh Baby said...

I HATE that the stairs for the big slides and the kid slides are conjoined. HATE. Alexis is just now understanding that she shouldn't keep going up if she wants to slide. The fights last year were less than fun.

The Girls' Mommy said...

"Mommy, we're going FAST!" I hear that one waaaaaay too often.

Hope the next class is preceded by a cool front.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Nothing is fun when it's humid. Nothing.