Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Dylanisms

*Besides the constant questioning, Dylan has also become an avid participant in the world of pretend. Small pieces of toys are no longer toys, at least not in the manner intended. Now they are "cheesecake", "sandcastles", or "puppets". You just never know, but what you do know, is that you will find tiny little pieces of various toys all. over. the. house. Never where you would expect them to be, however.

Today, he was using the pieces of a game to "feed me some dinner". Each "bowl" had another "food" item in it that I was supposed to pretend to eat. That went on quite a while, until he had used all the pieces. I exclaimed, "Wow! That was a lot of food! I ate so much, my belly hurts!" "Your belly hurts?", Dylan asked. After I nodded yes, he ran over, lifted my shirt, and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on my belly!

*The other night, Jim was eating a hamburger with onions. Dylan asked, "What's that, Daddy?" "Onions", Jim answered. "I want one". He kept insisting, so Jim gave him one, saying, "Okay, but you're not going to like it". Dylan took a bite, said, "Nope!", then as Jim and I laughed, continued eating the whole thing!

*His new favorite phrase is "I can't believe this"! The phrase follows many things I say...
"Dylan, we need to change your diaper!" - "Oh, I can't believe this!"
"Stop playing, and come to the table for breakfast!" - "I can't believe this!"
"Oh, the bed is wet". - "I can't believe this!"
It's all quite shocking, I suppose. I have no idea where the phrase came from. But, considering his other favorite phrase is "Come on!", and the other day I heard myself saying, "Dylan! Come on! Stop it!", I'm going to take a wild guess.


The Girls' Mommy said...

The things we pass on...Gertie says "Totally!" At the ripe old age of 4. (It comes out "toe-tah-wee)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yeah and I have no idea where "calm down" came from....

"Jonathan, calm down. I'll get off the computer in a minute."

Oh...never mind.

(How did you do that header anyhow?)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

He sounds like quite a pistol. So much fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Cooper got dressed this morning and when he came to show me how he had done, Maren told him, "Awesome, dude."

(LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look - very cute!)

Anonymous said...

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