Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The FOURTH Week Of Summer

Last week was so much fun!  Dylan and I went to the bookstore for story time again, had a fun playdate with friends, and discovered a new park.  On Saturday, my dad, Jim, Dylan, and I  went to Jim's parent's house for an early dinner.  Then, we spent the evening at Kennywood.  That deserves its own post, so I'll do that one later.

For the Fourth of July, we spent the day as a family.  We went to the pool.  Then, we went to Max & Erma's for dinner, so we could have the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet for dessert.   Have you had them?  MMMMmmmmm...Then, we hung out at the playground until it was time for fireworks.

This was going to be Dylan's first time to see fireworks, and I wasn't sure how it would go.  As we waited, sitting in the back of the car, in the mall parking lot with the huge crowd of people, he seemed excited.  But, about five minutes after they started, he had his hands over his ears, and was saying, "It's too LOUD!!"  He has super sensitive hearing, so that is what I had been expecting.  Jim suggested he sit in the car, so maybe it wouldn't be so loud, but he just kept rambling on in there, "It's still too loud... I like the colors, but I really just think it is too loud... I'm starting to get tired, too... I'm tired... I think we should go home... Can we go home now?"

Jim and I really wanted to see the whole thing, and Dylan talks non stop, so we were only partially listening, but then my ears picked up on something he said.  "WHAT?!"  "I have to pee!"  Oh man!  Just maneuvering out of the mall parking lot without hitting someone was a logistical nightmare.  Plus, I think we blinded several people when we shone our headlights directly into their faces.  When Dylan says he has to pee, it means he has waited until the last possible second before the situation becomes dire, so I was in a panic.  The fireworks would be ending any minute, and then we could quite possibly be stuck in a huge traffic jam.

I shouted, "MCDONALDS!  PULL INTO MCDONALDS!!"  Then, I grabbed Dylan and rushed for the door.  I could see a couple with kids in there, eating ice cream.  I could see a couple workers.  But, when I got to the door, it was locked.  "NOOOOOO!!", I shouted.  They just closed.  I started banging on the door, and got the attention of one of the workers.  I pointed down at Dylan while saying "Can we please come in, so he can go to the bathroom!!??"  The guy shook his head and pointed, like I should leave!  "Oh, no, you didn't just... you son of a... okay, then...Come on, Dylan!... Over here...(walking over to where the drive thru was)...You can just pee... in this bush".  "Okay!", he said, smiling at me like this was a fantastic idea.  Jim looked over and saw Dylan's super pale white heiney and got a look that was half mortified/half proud on his face.  And, seconds after I yanked up Dylan's shorts, a car swerved around the bend of the drive thru.  Wonder if they noticed a strange smell?

So, it was an eventful Fourth of July.  First fireworks, and first pee in public.  Oh, the joy of having a boy!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That first shot of Dylan is PRICELESS! What a handsome little doll! I will second the peeing in public joy of having a boy . . . C.ooper's ability to do that has saved us on more than one occasion! M.aren, however, has forced me to memorize the location of every.single.toilet within a 10-mile radius of our house.

I am so glad you all are having such a great summer and that you had a fun 4th!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That story was soooo funny! Jonathan waits until the very last minute too. What the heck is with that? Well, they're three so I guess that is it. I would have had Jonathan pee right on the front door...that long would it have taken just to let you in and let your kid pee! Argh!

So...Driving to Distraction....Cooper, think I know this lady. GOing to check.

Burgh Baby said...

There are advantages to boys, that's for sure!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Peeing in the bushes means he's a real boy now!

Next year try earplugs for the fireworks.

Lindsay said...

Oh my....what a night! I want to know more about those cookies....

JCK said...

Sounds exciting! I love that about much easier. And adventurous. :)

Brooke G. said...

Poor little guy. The loud "Boom-Booms" were an issue with Chase too when he was little. Strange, Dylan didn't seem bothered by the noise at all.
I can't believe that JERK wouldn't let you in the bathroom. Some people!!!! Way to go for your Dylan. Chase is so modest that he refuses to go potty in public. Which has its disadvantages :D