Monday, July 19, 2010

Sixth Week Of Summer

Are you sick of these "Weeks Of Summer" posts yet? I can't help it! I need to document all the fun, and this summer I am really relishing each moment.

This week, on Wednesday, my dad and I took Dylan to Pittsburgh Mills mall, where he rode the huge merry-go-round, played in Giggles & Smiles, and we ate a huge lunch at Houghlihan's.

On Thursday, what felt like the hottest, most humid day so far this summer, Dylan and I met friends at "Castle Park" for a playdate. It was our first time at that park, and I know it won't be the last, because it is such a cool park! The whole thing looks like a castle, and it also has a huge sandbox. We had a good time, and would have enjoyed it even more if we weren't drenched in sweat from the stifling heat!

Thursday evening, Jim and I took Dylan to his first circus. It was a small, mom and pop type circus, but as I told my friend earlier at the playdate, "He's never been to a circus before. What is he gonna say, "This is lame""? Nope, but I did a few times. When we take him to a "real" circus, he's gonna say, "What was that other ridiculous thing you took me to, with the goats that did tricks?" The lighting under the "big tent" was horrible, and I had my small camera, so I didn't get any great shots (of the goats doing tricks). Oh, and did I mention we were crammed onto uncomfortable bleachers, like sardines, in a big tent, with no air circulation, on the hottest day of the summer?! There was a guy who kept walking around selling snow cones, but he was NOT making it to our side, because they kept selling out by that time. I was envisioning a crowd of sweaty people, stampeding the poor snow cone guy, trampling him while trying to get the last precious snow cone. I would be the one on the top of the pile. Of course, in the middle of the show, Dylan had the urgent need to go potty. Then, the guys sitting outside the tent said we couldn't go back in where we came out. Meaning, we would have to go in the front, and walk the entire way around, in front of EVERYONE watching the show. So, then Dylan and I had to sneak past the circus dudes into the back of the tent. How many times do you get to write that in a sentence?


Friday we rested after all that excitement, and Saturday was my "Spa Day" as I marked it on the calendar. See, last year on my birthday (almost a full year ago) my wonderful husband bought me a gift certificate to a spa. It has taken me this long to use it. I had a makeup lesson with a fantastic guy, Larry, who I wanted to immediately befriend because he was so much fun (I'll let you guess his, um, sexual preference). Then I had a massage with a woman who thought I said, "Torture" when I said "Relaxation". Since when is having someone's elbow jammed into your bum relaxing? I really wish I had the time to do a complete post on my thought process during that massage, because I was cracking MYSELF up. I cannot clear my mind and allow my mind to just... go blank.

Sunday we went to my grandfather's and spent the day with a bunch of my extended relatives that we only get to see a couple times a year. Family, Friends, and Fun. That's my kind of week. Hope you all enjoyed yours.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

You know, about two years ago, Warren gave me a gift certificate to a spa. I promptly lost it. He's been afraid to get me another one I think so I haven't been invited back. $50 down the drain tends to turn a guy off I guess.

Dylan is so cute going down that slide. And I'm so glad you didn't have to tackle the snow cone dude. That would have been super funny for a blog post though.

blue china studio said...

What a week! I know...those little circuses...yikes, the one and only time I went to one I got caught up in wondering what the circus peoples lives were like and missed most of the show.

Dylan seemed to have a good time and that is the important part. He sure is a cutey!

Elissa said...

sounds like you guys have been having a fun time of it! kids really do get more fun as they get bigger, if you ask me :-)

my first and only professional massage was sort of hysterical to me too. nice, but so bizarre to me to be wearing so little clothing and listening to weird music and well, the list goes on. like you, i could go blank :-)

Mary said...

I am SO bad at using gift certificates! I absolutely LOVE getting them, however I never make the time to use them! Glad you enjoyed yours :)
And I love that you have been documenting the weeks of your summer :)

Elsie Button said...

wow you have been having a busy time! puts me to shame, although to be fair, our summer has only just started (as in holidays, not the horrible weather)... loved the pics.

haven't been blogging very rarely in the last year or so (since having baby dolly) but stepping it up a gear again....

the last time i saw pics of dylan he was a baby/toddler! x