Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jim's 45th Birthday

Friday was Jim's 45th birthday.  This guy sure doesn't look 45, does he?  I always did like the older and more mature guys.

He took the day off, but didn't actually TELL me that until the day before his birthday, so I had no time to make any plans.  (I should have given him memory pills for his birthday).

Dylan had preschool until 12:00, so Jim slept in while I took him and ran errands.  Then, he came with me to pick him up, which thrilled Dylan.  A few days before, he informed Jim and I that his favorite kid wasn't there.  When I asked who that was, he answered, "I don't know her name".  Jim told him, "Well, just go up to her and ask what her name is and tell her your name!"

So, Jim and I walked into school, and Dylan ran over to the girl, shouting, "HERE SHE IS!  THIS IS MY FAVORITE KID!!... What's your name?".  His favorite kid just stood there looking a bit alarmed.  I couldn't believe THAT was the girl he liked.  A few days before, when I dropped him off, she was walking around looking rather depressed and gloomy.  When I picked him up that day, she was having a cow because she didn't get a turn to do something.  Why do guys always like the high maintenance ones?

We went to Panera Bread for lunch, and then went to Seven Springs.  I mean, Mi-Mi and Bubba got to ride the Alpine Slide with him.   We wanted our turn.  When we got there, we found out it was closed.  Dylan handled that little fact better than the 45 year old.

We played games in the arcade, and played at the playground (in the 87 degree heat!), then had a snack, before heading home.  Bubba came to babysit Dylan, so Jim and I could go out for dinner.  So, we had a nice meal at Outback Steakhouse, then rented a movie.   It was a great day.

(I appreciated the kid-free meal even more yesterday, when we had to leave the restaurant after I consumed only 2 bites of my meal.  Dylan had been constipated all day, and had gone to the bathroom (at the zoo) several times to sit and sit and sit, and touch every disgusting surface, and then touch his face, and produce nothing.  So, when he said he had to go, five minutes after returning from another potty trip with Jim, I wasn't going to take him.  I wanted to eat my meal while it was hot.  But, he was insistent, and it was my turn.  So, I took him in the ridiculously tiny stall, and cringed with each germy thing he touched.  Then, he started rubbing his nose, so I squatted to wipe his nose.  At that exact moment, the dam finally broke, and not only did he poop, but he peed  


Anonymous said...

Happiest Birthday to your main squeeze! I would never guess that he is 45! I am glad you were able to spend some time together and as a family as well.

I don't know that C.ooper has any high maintenance girl friends at school, but he is a sucker for that kid that is a complete and total jerk! He gets his little heart broken every.single.time., which in turn, breaks my heart. Someday he will learn to choose his friends a little more wisely, and I am sure Dylan will do the same!

Brooke G. said...

Awww - It sounds like a great birthday - minus the getting peed on part... aghhhh! Isn't motherhood GRAND?!?! :D

feather said...

you three seem to have such a great connection and love. you have a lot to be proud of, jen. and happy bday to your husband!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have been in similar situations grossness-wise and YUCK!

That is my kind of birthday celebration--not necessarily a big blowout, but a sweet, wonderful day with your loved ones.

Ginny Marie said...

My hubby turned 45 this year, too, and he has waaay more energy than I do to play! I don't know where he gets it from. I'm glad you were able to have a kid-free dinner to celebrate...that's as rare as hen's teeth around here!

Elissa said...

oh jen!!! i don't even know what to say to that last bit. aaarrhhgghh! why does being a mommy always equal no sitting through meals and lots of messy bodily fluids???

as for your hub.... would have NEVER guessed he was 45! best wishes for the coming year dude! love the alien/robot posed pic thing. why do those things always crack me up?