Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Fall

Wow, have I got behind here!  I know it's not officially Fall, but to me, summer is over when school starts and the pools close.  I'm proud to say that we crossed every item off of Dylan's Summer To Do List.

Even though I hate for summer to end, I do like Fall.  I love the new beginnings and the crisp feel to the air.  I am much more a "Fall Cleaning" kind of gal, than a spring cleaning one.  I get motivated to tackle those boxes I haven't looked at since I moved in 3 summers ago.  To rip wall paper off the walls.  To go through my clothes to find (once again) that I "have no clothes to wear".  Fall means hay rides, and changing leaves, and Halloween costumes, and candy.  Uh, oh.  I'm going to gain back those 10 lbs I lost since taking my nutrition class, aren't I?  No problem.  Fall also means layers.

This weekend we went to the farm.  I've noticed that every time we go to the farm, I take (more or less) the same shots.  I have many traditions.  I have to get a shot of Jim and Dylan walking in this spot.

It makes me sigh every year, because those two together are just too cute.

It's hard to compete with this kind of adoration!  That boy loves his Daddy.

I have to get a shot of my favorite tree.

Dylan has to run along this wall, and jump off it, (while I hold my breath).

I have to hand the camera to Jim and force him to take at least ONE shot of me, with Dylan.

I did get one completely new shot this time.  To my knowledge, we have never been there when they had these gorgeous sunflowers.

We really didn't even need to go to the farm to see animals, since we saw this guy right in our backyard that morning!


feather said...

i am so impressed that you checked all the summer to-do's off your list! what go-getters you are!

blue china studio said...

Dylan looks so much like his Dad! What a cute picture of them walking together.

Is that a fox that was in your yard? I'm so envious.

Brooke G. said...

Maybe I should make a list... with pen and paper instead of just a mental to-do list. We seem to always have a running list of things to do each summer and don't ever manage to accomplish any of them. Fall is a good time for us though, maybe we can still sneak in a zoo trip this year!! :D

Burgh Baby said...

One of my favorite things to do with photos is to put identical ones side-by-side and look at how much Alexis has changed. It's insanity every time.

Elissa said...

that pic kinda made me sigh too and not even my man and boy! thank goodness for fall layers ;-) (i mean, for ME)

Mary said...

Great pictures! So good that you get your hubby to get some of you too! My husband never thinks to take pictures of me and the kids.....never!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I LOVE this! That's so awesome about the list! I'm totally doing that next year!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Is that a fox in your backyard??? How cool!