Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Christmas Surprises

Weeks ago, when we asked Dylan what he wanted for Christmas, the only thing he would say was "New markers!"

Before he could talk, when I would take him to the mall, and start to get close to the Santa line, he would get a frantic look in his eyes and sign "All done!"  When he could talk, the answer to "Do you want to see Santa?" was always, "No.  No. Not really.  No".  I wasn't going to push it.  I was somewhat proud, to be honest.  Sitting on some guy's lap you don't know isn't a great idea, if you really think about it.

This year was looking to be a repeat of last year.  Every night at dinner, Jim drinks a Coke.  Every night at dinner, Dylan would ask Jim to turn the Coke can around, so he didn't have to look at the picture of Santa!  

So, this....

was a bit of a shock.  My parents took him to the mall one day, and returned with this, much to our surprise.  A few days earlier, while we were eating, I asked Dylan, 

"Are you excited about the presents you're going to get for Christmas?  What do you think you'll get from Santa?"  
"Well, I want him to bring me paper for upstairs, because we ran out".
"Paper for upstairs?", Jim replied.  "I don't think "Santa" knew you wanted paper.  All you said you wanted was markers".
"You and Mommy are getting me markers, but I want Santa to bring paper".
"Well, you really should have told Santa that.  I don't think he knows.  You might need to write him a letter."
I guess he decided he didn't have time to write a letter, so he would have to go straight to the big man himself.  I'm pretty sure my kid might be the only kid in America who sat on Santa's lap and just asked him for paper!

The other Christmas surprise was a very large, very expensive one.  Jim and I had planned not to buy each other anything this year.  But, as is often the case, things didn't go according to plan.  When this...

completely died the week before Christmas, we didn't have much of a choice.  So, I got a clean, new refrigerator for Christmas.  WOOHOO!  Not exactly what I wanted, but when you don't have a working refrigerator, you really, really appreciate the beauty of a new one.  (I didn't take a picture of the new one.  It is basically the same, just shinier, cleaner, and with a little more space).

The last Christmas surprise was at Dylan's new preschool.  First, there was a field trip on the day that was going to be his first day, so I postponed it.  Then, school was cancelled due to the weather the next day that was supposed to be his first day.  So, his first day ended up being ONE day before the Christmas program.  We didn't have high expectations for the Christmas program.  So, when Dylan came through the doors dressed as Joseph, we were shocked.
(I wish I could show you a picture of "Mary".  Let's just say she looked...
less than thrilled about standing next to her fiance).

When they handed my kid a horse on a stick, which was supposed to be the donkey, Jim looked at me and said, "Did they really just hand him a STICK?!  They don't know him very well yet".  Minutes later, all the kids were sitting on the floor, hidden from sight, while one teacher started to tell the Christmas story.  Suddenly, a horse head appeared above the pew.  Up and down, up and down.  Jim's face turned red, and he started to shake, trying not to laugh.  When the teacher walked over and calmly pushed the horse head down, only to have it pop back up again, I almost snorted.

Soon, all the kids were around the manger, one little girl holding a star on a stick high above everyone.  Suddenly, the horse head was up in the air, bobbing around, and coming dangerously close to taking out Mary, or knocking baby Jesus out of the manger.  Would you believe that the video camera ran out of battery before we got that gem on tape?!  And, then, my camera battery died!  All I had was my crappy point and shoot, which gives everyone eerie white eyes.  GAH!

You'll never see the Christmas story in quite the same way, will you?


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is hilarious! One time my parents were at a Christmas pageant and the "angels" said "hark, baby Jesus looks
at us." But baby Jesus was a doll and he was not looking at the angels so the little girl who was Mary looked down and took Baby Jesus' head in her hand and twisted it all the way around until it was looking at the angels. Dad said he had to bite his tongue to keep from bursting into laughter.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is so funny--and the funniest part is picturing your husband trying not to burst with laughter!

Brooke said...

That horsey head is hilarious :D I would have dyed laughing..... Great post and I love your santa picture - sometimes the surprise you...especially when they are with Grandma :D

Burgh Baby said...

How could he NOT play with the horse? It's far too boring to just stand there while waiting for your turn to do something!

Sparx said...

Wow! Ages since I've been over here and holy mary your boy is growed up! Charlie has still not agreed to participate in any Santa-related outing or any sort of joined-up activity involving group acting or singing - well done Dylan!