Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I've Been Doing

What have I been doing since the last post, over a week ago?  Absolutely nothing.  No, really.  NOTHING.  Well, here... this picture will make things a little clearer...

The sad thing is that, with the exception of the Claritin, between Dylan and I, we really have used each and every one of those items in the past two weeks of SICK INDUCED HELL.  

He started last Monday, seemed better for a few days, seemed worse for a few days, better, worse, better, worse, until finally waking up this Tuesday screaming that his ear hurt.  I drug my feverish self off the couch to take him in so they could give him an antibiotic for the ear infection.  He's back at school today.

My SICK INDUCED HELL started last Wednesday.  By Sunday, I went to the emergency MedExpress, convinced I had pneumonia and was possibly dying.  (I never overreact).
The lovely Physician's Assistant (yes, I didn't see an actual doctor), was very sympathetic, tested me for the flu (negative), and sent me home with NOTHING.  As I was walking out, I might have mumbled something in my feverish state about "But are you sure I don't need to go to the hospital?  Maybe just for a couple days?  Please?"

Yesterday, (Wednesday), after spending Tuesday night playing a lovely game of throw up/wake up feverish and covered in sweat, repeat, I waved the white flag.  I went to an actual doctor and said, "I don't care what I have, but you have to give me something to make it stop as soon as possible".

So, even though I feel like I have done absolutely nothing productive in the past 2 weeks (no laundry, cleaning, cooking, working), I'm going to say that I have learned a few things.

1.  I've learned that I have a potty mouth when I am sick.  I was stringing together four letter words in ways I didn't even know were possible.  Luckily, this all occurred in my head, not out loud, but I was pretty impressed with myself, and not necessarily in a good way.

2.  On one of the days I actually had the energy to get off the couch, I became obsessed with the dust on the cold air return vent.  I removed it, looked inside, and found...

Say it with me, "EWWWWW!!!!!"  So, a whole house vent cleaning company is on my list of things to do now.  Do you know what yours look like?

3.  Since I was spending so much time on the couch, I figured I might as well read something.  I read
"Just checking... scenes from the life of an obsessive compulsive" by Emily Colas.  Wow.  I think we should all make our husbands read this book because, no offense Emily, but I'm thinking once they do we're all getting flowers.

4. The love you have for your child makes you do crazy, superhuman things.  I don't know if Dylan will remember being sick, but if he does he'll remember that his Mommy took good care of him.

5.  I love my parents.  This wasn't something new I learned, but it was a strong, slap in the face reminder.  My dad went out of his way to help, and truly the whole time I just wanted to scream, "I WANT MY MOMMY!"


Brooke said...

Oh dear! I hope you get better soon. Sick = the PITS!!!

blue china studio said...

Oh Jen, you poor girl. I hope you feel much better soon. And then to be sick and take care of Dylan too, that is so hard. Got a little giggle about the cursing inside your head though.



Burgh Baby said...

Hope you're feeling 100% again soon! Sick sucks, especially extended bouts of sick.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Your last line got me--that actually was the hardest thing about losing my mother--there is nobody to love me the way my mommy did.

I hope you bounce back quickly--if we had the same virus you had it much worse for sure.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Being sick is awful! as you know, of course. My parents have had an awful cough that will not let go and I had an awful time last year, do you remember? My ear was stuffed, etc. etc. It was horrid! You had quite a time then too.

I'm glad you learned a lot, even in the bad times, but I hope you are well on the mend! Before we know it, it will be spring (she said, clearly denying the weather forecasters who are calling for snow and ice tomorrow.)

The Girls' Mommy said...

EWWWWWW!!! No wonder we're all sick. I should get mine cleaned too.

Are you feeling better?? We missed you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen! That SUCKS. Being sick stinks - and it stinks about 1,000 times worse when you are a mom and still have to be mom despite the fact that you feel crumby! I hope everything passes soon and that this is it for sick!

Elissa said...

i always sort of want my mommy when i'm sick too. hope you are ALL feeling healthy soon. every year about this time i start thinking.... SHOULDN'T THIS SICK SEASON BE ABOUT DONE ALREADY?????

apparently not in the NE

JCK said...

OH, Jen...I am so sorry. Mommies always help, don't they? And, you were there for Dylan. So glad your parents live close by.

Sending big hugs!