Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yep, It's A Post A Week At This Point

The stress continues in the Rants & Raves household.  We have managed to have some fun, too, though.  Before I show you some pictures, let me just say that when you have a child whose hair has a mind of its own, it might be a good idea to avoid "Great Clips" at all costs.  They were crowded, so I told the nice lady I was going to just sit down and to let me know when she was finished with Dylan's haircut.  Jim was in Lowe's and was going to meet us in a little bit.  When she called me over, I wasn't sure whether to scream, cry, shout, or just laugh.  The phrase "Are you kidding me?!" came to mind.

I have discovered that I WOULD exercise if I lived in a place with a warm climate.  We have been having weather in the 60's, and even 70's a couple days (until last night when we had a tornado warning, hail, and then snow - it is in the 30's today).  Dylan and I have been going for walks almost every day, and I am really enjoying it.  One day we took such a long walk that my legs had that tingly, muscles twitching feeling when we got home, and I loved it.  After 6 months of inactivity, it has been amazing to be outside in the sunshine!  We even had a playdate at the zoo last Friday!

Dylan kept asking when spring was coming, and I told him the first day was going to be March 20th.  He was counting down the days.  We had to have something fun planned for the day.  We went to The Children's Museum, and were surprised, (and thrilled), to find out that it was free that day!  After that, we went to a fantastic italian restaurant for pizza, and then got our free first day of spring Rita's ice cream (a family tradition).  

Something else new?  Jim and I went to a huge children's consignment sale that I usually participate in twice a year (so many people signed up this year, that they closed registration before I could sign up - and I had a room full of stuff ready to sell!), and got Dylan this among other things...

WHY didn't I buy him one sooner?!  Best $4 I've spent in ages.


Brooke said...

gotta love those sit n' spins :D Lovely pics from the Children's Museum. Man, we haven't been to one in FOR-EVER.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A sit-n-spin! I remember those--so much fun. Even kids need a good hairdresser!