Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding, Schmedding

Well, unless you live under a very big rock, on a remote island, and have sand in your ears, you know that today Prince William married Kate.  I don't know when the news broke of their engagement, but I do know that we have been hearing of little else since then.  Today, though!  Today was truly shocking to me.  Every time I got on the computer I was bombarded by the headlines (our default is set to Yahoo).

"Best and Worst Royal Wedding Fashions"- That was followed by... "The bride looked stunning, but some guests made questionable style choices for the big event".   REALLY?!  I'm shocked and enthralled!  What were those idiots thinking, wearing something they liked, rather than what some fashion yahoo deemed appropriate?!

"What Prince William whispered to Kate" - Followed by... "As the cameras zoomed in at the altar, the groom turned to the bride and set off a lip-reading frenzy".  OH MY GOSH! What could he have said?!  I have to know!  Actually I'm a pretty good lip reader.  He said, "That frock is lovely darling.  I'm going to thoroughly enjoy ripping it off of you later".

"Kate's sister in surprising white dress" - WHAT?!  She wore white?!  The nerve!  I cannot believe it!  I'm beside myself.

"Who is frowning girl in royal kiss photo?" - Followed by... "and other mysteries solved".  Oh, I cannot bear the suspense.  I must know, and I must know now.

"Strong reactions to royal's hat" - I have a strong reaction for you - WHO CARES?  Who cares, who cares, who cares?!  WHO.... CARES???

I went to a school to do some testing for my job this morning.  I could not listen to the radio without hearing more "important wedding details".  A delivery truck driver, who was bringing food into the school actually stopped me to say, "Maybe YOU can answer my question.  What does the royal family DO?  What is their job?"  I bit my tongue and repressed the overwhelming urge to scream "WHO CARES?!", and just answered, "Look pretty?"  He just chuckled and walked away from me muttering something.

In our local newspaper, a reporter stopped several people to ask this very important question... "The coverage of the royal wedding will air beginning at 4am on some channels.  Will you get up early to watch?"  Four of the four said they would!  I told Jim, "I wouldn't even get up at 4am for my own wedding!"  He laughed and agreed.

I'm really hoping things can get back to normal tomorrow.  Please tell me I won't have to be bombarded by "Shocking, Important Honeymoon Details".  Surely there will be SOMETHING else going on in the world that is considered news?  PLEASE?


The Girls' Mommy said...

PLEASE tell me you've seen the hat they were talking about! I'm sending you a link, you can hate the rest of the wedding but you MUST see this hat. I cannot describe it...I want to hear your reaction :)

Brooke said...

Yes, there will be lots of other news tomorrow - but it is depressing. I didn't watch much of it, except for the 45 minutes that I was on the treadmill this morning and then the highlights this evening. I really haven't been following the wedding much, but when I saw Kate and William saying their vows... I started CRYING (weird!) and couldn't stop all morning. I watched the kiss... more crying. I must be lossing it or VERY hormonal!!!!

Brooke said...

losing it. See... I can't even spell ;D

JCK said...

Oh you wet blanket you! LOL. Yes, it was quite the hoopla. But, fun distraction for some...That wouldn't be me of course. Of course...NOT.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'd say you got your wish. Posting this comment AFTER May 1.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Now we can all debate "who shot Osama?" "Did Osama have a weapon?" "Why didn't Pakistan know?" "Who was that little girl frowning outside the compound.."

Oh that last one isn't real, but you know what I mean. I'd take the wedding crap over that any day. Still...I have to admit, I could have cared less about it all! I did watch part of the wedding -- later in the day on BBC America's constant coverage. I watched it to mock, but I have to admit, in the midst of all the stupidity, William and Harry seemed like normal guys, nudging each other and smiling and goofing off while the rest of the world was making morons of themselves.

blue china studio said...

I didn't think I would watch it because really I didn't really care much either other than a "oh, good for them" kind of thing. But then on the day I ended up watching a few hours of the coverage. And don't hate me...but I liked it!