Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sex and Death (Oh, You Know You're Curious Now!)

So far, I've managed to successfully avoid the subject matter of S-E-X with my four year old.  There was the one time I was in the bathroom, and he asked "Why do you have fur down there?", but otherwise I've successfully evaded the whole thing.  No talk of "where do babies come from?"  No "what were you and Daddy doing?" moments.  He says "Boys have a willy - girls don't", as if that completely sums it up and there doesn't need to be further questions.

We've been dealing with death in the past couple months - first, with my grandfather, and recently with Jim's uncle, who lost his battle with cancer.  I would have liked to shield Dylan from the subject of death for just a little bit longer, but I had no choice.  I told him what I believe in simple terms.

 I was shocked recently when he suddenly said, "I can't wait to die".  "WHAT?!", I fairly squealed, hoping I had heard him wrong.  "I can't wait to die", he repeated.  "Why did you say that?", I asked, willing my heart to stop beating so fast.  "Well, then I'll know what God looks like", he answered.

Death?  God?  Heaven?  I'm beginning to think S-E-X would be an easier topic.


blue china studio said...

It's so curious how their little minds work. As parents I think we sometimes think we need to give them the whole powerpoint presentation with a question and answer session after but really they only need a tidbit of info to be satisfied.

Brooke said...

Tough conversations for sure. We have managed to avoid most of the hot spots too. Phew. But not for long, I am sure ;D

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Four-year olds are obsessed with death. It's pretty universal, but still hard to know what to say.

Anonymous said...

Jenn is SO right on this one! M.aren is currently obsessed with our dog dying and what we are going to do when that happens. On one hand, I am happy that it is death and not where the baby down the street came from, but on the other? Really? Couldn't we just talk about pretty clouds?

(OOOOOH! My captcha word is 'ranter' - how fitting!)

The Girls' Mommy said...

I've avoided the sex thing so far (but not for much longer...) but the God thing came home from school this year. So we got books and explained it from all sides. In the end Mags said "I like the monkey idea" and Gert said "I think I might believe in God a little". I almost fell over. Oh dear.

Death? We bought goldfish. One dies immediately. Worked like a charm.