Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Boat is Taking On Water

Remember when I wrote a post about how mothers are the captain of the ship and make sure everything is "smooth sailing"?  Well, my ship feels like it is sinking.  My "new" job?  The one in which I was doing testing at preschools, for a research project for a college?  Well, as of tomorrow, it is in the "old" job category.  I won't go into ALL of it.  But, I will say that when I interviewed for the job, I said I needed 20 hours a week.  I was getting about 9 hours over the course of 3 days!  I was spending as much time driving around, as I was working.

So, this week and last, I've been working my new 2 day a week nanny job, AND my two week notice for the "old" job.  Plus, we had to drive to Erie last weekend, (which should be a 3 hour drive, but with the ridiculous traffic that day, took us 5 hours), to go to Jim's uncle's funeral.  Let me just say that I really don't know how you moms who work full time do it.  Seriously....HOW?!?

So, on top of all that, there was Mother's Day, my 9 year anniversary, (which is today), and Dylan's field trip at school (this morning).  Today is the only day off I have this week luckily, so I was able to go on the field trip.  To be honest, I was sort of dreading it.  We were going to tour a local pet store.  "Tour" implies a lot of talking and a lot of standing, you know... still.  Not one of Dylan's strengths.

This morning I was tired, and I was grouchy.  The grouchy might have had something to do with the fact that Jim and I had a serious communication "gap".  At some point last week, we were discussing going to dinner for our anniversary.  Jim said that his friend Rachel said she could babysit.  I assumed that meant that he arranged it with her.  He assumed that meant that I would arrange it with her.  So, last night while watching TV, I asked him "What time is Rachel coming tomorrow?", and I got one of those blank stares.  (We're losing the ability to communicate, but I still love you Jim!)

How could I stay grouchy, though, when my kid gave me this "fill in the missing word" picture this morning?

It was hard to stay grouchy as he sang, "This is the way we...", the entire way to school.  "This is the way we count the school buses... This is the way we go to the school... This is the way we sit at a red light...etc"  He did a pretty good job at the pet store, and was so excited to have me along that it made me feel great.  At one point, he even hugged me and yelled "I love you Mommy!", which elicited a round of "Awww!"s from the other moms.

For Mother's Day, my two guys brought me breakfast in bed, along with my cards, and flowers.  We went out for dinner with Jim's parents and mine, and had a nice time. (Since my ship is sinking, I didn't take a single picture on Mother's Day.  FAIL).

Jim just called, and said he made reservations for the three of us at one of our favorite restaurants for tonight.  I think I can get the water out of this boat, and by next week, it will be back to smooth sailing. (I hope!)  Anyway, the most important thing to focus on is this... I AM LOVED.  Happy Anniversary Jim!


Burgh Baby said...

Happy anniversary!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Anniversary!

I hope your boat empties soon.

The Girls' Mommy said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! (I'm back online!)