Thursday, May 26, 2011

Computer Dependent

Our computer went bonkers this past weekend.  Jim took it to the Mac store, which left me without a computer for the past 5 days.  I did stop at my parents to use theirs one day.  Also, Jim hooked up an old computer that I used briefly, but it would freeze up every 10 minutes or so, so I gave up.  I was completely prepared for Jim to come home one day and tell me we had to buy a new computer.  So, when he told me that they are having problems with the graphics card in all of the Macs of the particular model we have, and therefore would fix it FOR FREE I was stunned!  They did say that we needed more space, so we bought a bigger hard drive for $132.  Considering what I expected to pay for a new computer, I am thrilled!

Not having a computer for 5 days made me realize just how dependent I am on it, and I'm not even talking about blogging!  "How many ounces in a pint?  I'll just Google it!"  "What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?  I'll check Yahoo Weather!"  "That playdate tomorrow which we planned weeks ago?  I better send a reminder email!"  "How do you get to the birthday party?  I'll Mapquest it!"  "Do we have enough money in our account to cover...  I better go online and pay some bills!"  "Those people didn't show up from Freecycle yet.  I better check my emails to see when they are coming!"  These are all things I needed to do online in just the past 5 days!  I know I'm showing my age here, but I remember being in grad school, seeing a commercial for the "World Wide Web", and how it was going to change everyone's life, and going "What...Ever!"

So, I need to play catch up.  Here's what has been going on around here...

Dylan's "Moving On Ceremony"...

He has one more year of preschool, since he doesn't turn five until November, so really, he's just moving on to the next class.  He did a great job singing the songs, and my favorite part was him waving and saying "Mommy!  Daddy!  Hi!  Hi!" when he walked in.

His teachers said he needs to work on "appropriate response time for following directions", which basically just means you have to tell him to do something 5 or more times before he does it.  They also said his interaction with his peers is "awkward and clumsy".  Dylan IS very clumsy (gets it from his mommy!), but I really think he has turned a corner socially.  Since spring break, I have seen a big difference.  Just in the past 5 days, we had a birthday party and a playdate, an impromptu friend made at a playground, and 2 more at Chick Fil A yesterday.  

Way back on May 7th, he used his "big boy bike" for the first time...

Even with the training wheels, he fell over several times, but the best part was that he kept on smiling and got right back on!  We had a miserable time at Target weeks before, looking for a helmet that fit.  We ended up having to go to a bike store, to buy my kid with a ridiculously big head, a helmet that cost almost as much as his bike!

Without a computer, I seem to get stuff done.  I cleaned a lot, finally got rid of Jim's old weights (on Freecycle) that have been taking up space in our old and new garages for years, and tackled the huge pile of wood on the side of our house that was leftover from the old pool and deck.  You should have seen my covert mission to a dumpster I probably wasn't supposed to be using!

I also started something new I've decided to do this summer.  I'm committed to make one new recipe a week the entire summer.  Nothing crazy - I believe recipes should be easy - 10 or less ingredients and little work.  I've made 2 so far.  I'll post about them soon.  Let me know if you have any you think I should try!


blue china studio said...

I know, I'm so computer dependent too. Not only for my job but like you I use it for everything! Looks like you had lots of milestones happening what with ending another year in preschool and riding a bike. So great!

Elissa said...

really? "appropriate response time for following directions?" i don't know ANY 4 year olds that have that... heck, in my house even the 8 year old doesn't have that! :-)

MACs rock, i use the computer for everything too.... but YES i am more productive without it. sneaky time suck, this glowing box

good luck with the recipes... i am hoping to just manage to cook ANYTHING this summer with all of them home and up in my grill ;-) (no pun intended)

Brooke said...

GHAH! I have a serious dependency on computers. It is sad, really. Wanna know how many laptops are sitting in my family room right now........... FOUR!!!!
I am so glad you got yours fixed and it was relatively painless. Don't you love when that happens.
I will send you some recipes. I have been taking photos of them lately, to make it easier to share. On a related note, did you ask me for the sugar cookie recipe? I know someone did and I can't remember now!

Elsie Button said...

it is quite scary,isn't it,how dependant we are on computers. we have just come back from being on holiday for 10 days and i almost went into meltdown because we had no internet connection there - and that was on holiday - v sad,and v annoying for my hubbie. laptop banned on future holidays!
loved the pics - looks like you are all doing really well! x

Anonymous said...

I wish I weren't quite so all-or-nothing when it comes to the computer. When I have stuff to do, I am pretty good about getting it done without the distraction of the computer, the problem being that I ditch it all together . . . I don't answer e-mails, I don't follow-up on the stuff I say I am going to, and I don't blog. My chores get done, but my social life (such as it is) suffers.

Congratulations to Dylan for completing his first year of preschool and for rocking the big-boy bike! And way to go you for taking on the challenge of trying new recipes! I am going to be posting a lot more basic recipes throughout the summer - my Mom took a summer job that has her working Friday through Tuesday, so she has been coming to dinner mid-week instead of on Sunday with my Dad. Frank is never home for dinner on Thursday's, so I don't typically make a nicer meal, but now have the chance.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That helmet has something very precious to keep safe--I know from experience it is worth the hefty price tag.

I feel you on the computer--I'm glad we're both back in business!