Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Swim Of The Summer

Dylan and I had a whole day of bonding on Tuesday, since Jim was going to see a movie after work.  I had a bunch of laundry that needed done, the house is a mess, and I should have pulled some weeds in the afternoon while Dylan took a nap.  But, then I realized that it is summer, and I needed to make the most of it.

I did have to go to the bank, and get a couple things at Target, but I made that fun by saying we could eat lunch at Target, and get some Popcorn!  (Isn't it evil how they pump the smell of popcorn through the whole store so it is almost impossible to resist?)  The popcorn kept him busy enough that I was able to shop without any whining and complaining.

Then, we went to the Pool for the first time this summer!  I haven't taken Dylan by myself since last year, and it was exhausting last year, but this time it was actually relaxing!  He can amuse himself in the baby pool, and he is able to touch in the shallow part of the big pool now, so I don't have to hold him and get bruised up by his flailing limbs.  As he enjoyed a Popsicle, he announced that it was "P" day with a huge grin - (Popcorn, Pool, Popsicle).  I declared that the day was "Pretty Perfect"!


Anonymous said...

That? Sounds like an awesome day! We just made our first trip to the pool as well (thank you bi-polar weather for delaying it until mid-June!)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Sounds super cool! Jonathan and I only went swimming in the kiddie pool! :-)

Elissa said...

hey! summer is finally here too! dang late schools here in the north (for my big kids at any rate) and dang crummy spring. is that a community pool? it looks nice. nice to have access to that and not have to take care of it! hope your summer happiness continues no matter what the letter of the day!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What fun!

JCK said...

Adorable picture of the two of you.

We haven't made it to the outdoor pool yet...but soon.