Monday, June 13, 2011

Strawberries & The Magic Shirt

Jim and I took Dylan to Triple B Farms for their Strawberry Festival this weekend.  Knowing I was going to take a ton of pictures, I put Dylan in the only red shirt in his closet (red heads don't wear a lot of red).  I knew he wore the same shirt last time we went, so I was assuming that was last year.  But, I swore to Jim that it was two years ago!  He said there was no way Dylan could fit in a t-shirt he wore when he was 2...

(Psst... he is 2 in this picture...)

(Psst...he is 4 in this one...)

What can I say?  It is a magic shirt!  A magic shirt that just started working its wonders, because I got so many shots I love this year!  Then again, maybe he has just finally learned to smile, so the annoying lady with the camera won't drive him crazy all day.  Or, maybe, I just understand four year old humor?  "Say, Stinky Butt!... Say, Stink Burger!... Say, Banana Butt!" (whatever it takes)

What a fun place!  Besides picking strawberries, there is a hayride, 2 huge bouncy things, a playground, a rope maze, 2 slides, a tractor to sit on, a huge mound of hay to climb on, and every kind of strawberry themed food you can think of.

This is what we got.  So far, the strawberry cider was a hit, but the syrup on his waffles this morning was not.  Haven't tried the strawberry butter yet.

(I learned my lesson from 2 years ago, and took a water bottle to wash the strawberries off before eating them).


blue china studio said...

So much fun! Fresh strawberries are so good. And I like the magic shirt!

Elissa said...

so, so cute! love the one with the two of you and the tractor. handsome boy, pretty mama, awesome tractor :-) yay for strawberries!

The Girls' Mommy said...

I'm jealous, your farm has lots more fun things to do!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I am a strawberry fanatic and now Jonathan is too! I'm going to have to look around here to see if we have a similar type farm. I think we do. Jonathan still fits in some clothes he did at 2 as well!

Dylan is seriously so cute!

Brooke said...

Awww! What great shots. How funny that he could still get into that shirt ;D My guy has worn things from one summer to the next, but two might be a stretch! We went strawberry picking on Friday and the boys had a ball too. I am getting pics up... eventually!

PS - you are looking fantastic... great job on the weight loss!!!