Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven Springs - Letterbox 2

Geez, where does the time go?  A whole week has passed already?!  We have been enjoying these wonderful days without rain!  Yesterday, we went to Seven Springs to ride the Alpine Slide, and to look for our second letterbox.

We picked the perfect day to go to Seven Springs - not too hot (82 degrees), and a day that wasn't crowded, (we were told June is a slow month for the resort).  We have been there on days that the wait for the slide was an hour!  That just wouldn't work with a very impatient four year old.  Yesterday, though, there was no wait!  First, Jim and Dylan went, and I stayed at the bottom, snapping pictures.  Then, Dylan and I went together, and raced Jim.

While at Seven Springs, we also played some games in the arcade...

Dylan got a little calculator and maracas with his tickets.  Immediately after that, we were walking up the steps, and he dropped one maraca, which bounced and fell down between the stairs and the wall.  One maraca - gone!  One kid - crying and making a scene!

We had some pizza for dinner, before trying to find the Letterbox for a SECOND time.  The first time was on the way in to the resort.  Dylan had fallen asleep, and was still sleeping when we pulled in to where we thought maybe the clues were leading us.  The clues were extremely vague, and mentioned "hopping a fence", which we assumed would be a short fence.  As it turned out, the fence was NOT short, and the area around the fence was covered with weeds, sticks, rocks, and possibly poison ivy?  I told Jim "Forget it!  There is no way we're doing this!"  So, of course, he went through the weeds, sticks, rocks and possible poison ivy to climb the ridiculous fence and disappear off into the woods, out of sight.  That is about when Dylan woke up and proceeded to have a panic attack.  "Where are we?...  WHERE'S DADDY?! ... WHERE IN THE WOODS?!... I DON'T SEE HIM!... WHY IS HE IN THE WOODS?... WAH!"  So, there I was at the edge of the fence, yelling, "JIM!  WHERE ARE YOU?!  COME BACK!  DYLAN IS FREAKING OUT!"  Fun times.  We decided to try again later.

The second time didn't go much better.  (There's no pictures of the letterboxing, because my camera ran out of battery).  We drove a little past the ridiculous fence, and saw a sign that I thought could be the sign we were looking for.  Then, we walked on a path, until we were supposed to look for a "large tree with a scar on the back".  Umm... all the trees were large, and all the trees were surrounded by woods and more possible poison ivy.  So, Jim was traipsing through the woods, while I screamed, "DYLAN!  NO!  DON'T FOLLOW DADDY THROUGH THE WOODS!  YOU MIGHT GET POISON IVY!"  So far, Letterboxing seems to result in a lot of yelling.  We never did find that darn letterbox, but we got to see a cool view of the resort, and I think we all successfully avoided getting poison ivy.  I'll call it a win.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The description of the letterboxing is hysterical. That slide looks wicked fun!