Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Before 40 - December : Part 2

My friend who attempted the rock wall with me for last month's "Before 40", called me with an idea for this month.  Have I told you how much I LOVE when other people come up with ideas?  It happens SO rarely that I get ridiculously excited.  Plus, it was a really great idea.

We had never been on a carriage ride.  A white carriage ride,  pulled by a beautiful big black horse, with SANTA inside to be exact!  Of course, we took Dylan.

Waiting in line in the cold wasn't fun.  I would say we waited about 20 minutes, and it was pretty cold, but we did get a coupon for a free hot chocolate and mini cookie from Panera Bread, so that helped.

Would you believe that we were the last group to go... not just that day, but for the season!  A family came while we were in line, and were told they couldn't go.  The little girl immediately burst into tears.  It was awful, but the friendly elf told her she could wait and pet the horse, and say hello to Santa and she cheered up.

The ride was fantastic!  Me, my friend, and Dylan got quality time with Santa, and he was just a sweetheart.  The guy was so much in character, that I started to believe in Santa.  Two of my favorite moments...
1.  When Santa asked Dylan what he wants for Christmas and he answered "batteries"!  I love how simple his wants are at this point in life.
2.  When Dylan asked Santa, "Who is your favorite reindeer?".  Santa said, "Well, that's a great question!  To answer it, I have a song... You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer..."  He sang the whole song, and who knew that Santa had such a lovely singing voice?

After our ride, we went into Panera for gingerbread men cookies!   The day was one of my favorite holiday memories for sure.  Thanks Santa!  We'll get to work on those cookies you requested.

(All the pictures of me are on her camera, so I couldn't add them).


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I wish we had a ride like that around here. Next year I'm planning on a Santa train ride for Jonathan. I don't know why I didn't get my butt in gear for this year. You're inspiring with these Before 40 posts! I love it!

rebecca said...

what fun! you're little guy seemed to enjoy it the most.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a cool thing to do!

JCK said...

Glad you got your carriage ride.